How does Rubber Ring Manufacturer save o ring from High Temperatures? (o – rings China 2020)

How does Rubber Ring Manufacturer save o ring from High Temperatures? (o – rings China 2020)


How does Rubber Ring Manufacturer save o ring from High Temperatures? (o – rings China 2020)

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In this article, we investigate the best materials for low temperature O-ring and other seal applications. For the most part, Rubber Ring Manufacturer already maintain performance in temperatures ranging from -5 to -25 ° C. For this reason we will only consider low temperature applications below -25 ° C. If your seal.

How do Rubber Ring Manufacturer design o ring?

When designing an O-ring for a particular application, it is important to consider the environmental factors it may encounter. Therefore, the environment plays a decisive role in the functionality and life of the O-ring. If the o-ring exposes to temperature or weather outside the specified range, it will likely fail shortly.

Extreme temperatures affect each rubber material in a different way. Some rubber compounds are heat-resistant, while others remain flexible in the cold. To prevent your o-ring from warping or malfunctioning at extreme temperatures, there are a few things to keep in mind.

Failure of the O-ring at low temperatures

Without proper selection Rubber Ring Manufacturer, O-rings exposed to extreme cold can:

  • Sit down
  • Become fragile
  • Lose flexibility
  • Have reduced compression set

Generally, shrinkage and reduction in compression set can lead to severe leakage. Once a leak path comes out, it will remain in the seal indefinitely.

How does Rubber Ring Manufacturer prevent o ring from exposing?

To prevent the O-ring from being exposed to extreme cold, designing the seal with compression set is the first step. Because compression set is often reduces at low temperatures. Similarly, Rubber Ring Manufacturer designs the seal design with constant pressure on the o-ring. Hence, it is also called compression. Applying a design compression of 30% or more can prevent seal ring failure at low temperatures.

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Furthermore, it is also important to choose the right material for extreme low temperatures.

Failure of the O-ring at high temperatures

Strong heat is popular for physically and chemically degrade rubber seals over time. It causes permanent damage to the O-ring. In addition, high temperatures can damage rubber seals, causing them to:

  • Hardening and loss of elasticity
  • Swelling
  • Permanent deformation
  • Change in volume and permanent deformation during compression

Such changes can have a lasting effect on the O-ring, causing irreversible effects in the structure of the seal, which can ultimately lead to failure.

How to save rubber rings from high temperatures?

To prevent the high temperature from adversely affecting the O-ring, select an O-ring material with low compression set. The lower the compression set, the better the material will withstand permanent deformation. Also, check the seal design. It is to make sure the Rubber Ring Manufacturer has not over compressed the seal. Due to friction, the seal face will generate more heat.  It may be excessive for your seal.

A car air conditioner consists of several separate units distributed over the car body. They are interconnected by pipelines. And the tightness of the system at the joints of the pipes is ensured by O-rings of different sizes.

Rings for auto air conditioners serve for a relatively long time. But when repairing a highway or individual units, it is imperative that we should use new O-rings.

Why is it necessary to replace the rubber ring?

Despite the fact that the refrigerant in the car air conditioner circulates in a closed system, small natural gas leaks are inevitable. Last but not least, they are due to the gradual aging and cracking of the O-rings.

Freon escapes through these micro cracks, as a result of which the performance of the car air conditioner gradually decreases. To restore the unit’s operability, it is necessary to purchase special sealing rings for car air conditioners. Similarly, it is important to install them instead of old ones. Because old have become unusable, and then fill the system with refrigerant.

If Rubber Ring Manufacturer does not use lubricants, it will damage seal friction. To prevent this from happening, it is necessary to start the climatic unit once a month for 5-10 minutes. In this process ceiling parts will get enough lubricant.

Features of rings for car air conditioners

Modern rings for car air conditioning come with artificial materials of a special composition. It is not only resistant to lubricants, but also to refrigerants R134 and R12. Their cost is low. It makes it possible to equate the rings with consumables, the replacement of which is important for any repair operations. And with frequent refueling of the system, it is necessary to change the spools in the refueling ports.

When replacing O-rings, there are several rules to follow for Rubber Ring Manufacturer:


  • It is not good to use for replacement seals that are not intended for use in car air conditioners. Oil-resistant rings for other types of equipment can quickly become unusable. It will lead to a depressurization of the system.
  • The new ring must exactly match the previous one in terms of standard size. Under no circumstances should a deformed seal be installing.
  • Before installing, the rings for car air conditioners must use lubricants with oil that we use in the air conditioning compressor. This will protect the rubber from drying out for a while.

As a rule, Rubber Ring Manufacturer sells seals in special sets of rings for car air conditioners.

Sealing rubber rings are resistant to aggressive liquid and gaseous media, the operating temperature range ranges from -60 … + 300 ° С. For example, a silicone model has an operating temperature of -60 … + 250 ° C, for FPM – -60 … + 250 ° C. Stability and temperature range, as well as the nominal pressure in movable and fixed joints, depend on the grade of material used in production.

Where to buy large diameter rubber rings?

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It is very important to contact a reliable Rubber Ring Manufacturer. It will bring to you very encouraging results.