Failure and analysis of 'volume expansion' seal

by:DSH     2019-06-15

Today, I share and discuss with you the volume expansion of petroleum sealing ring materials should be combined with the interaction of Chemical Physics (chemical degradation), because all fluids have interaction, including polymer, this is due to the role of a variety of cohesion.

Failure and analysis of 'volume expansion' seal of petroleum sealing ring? When the material structure of the oil sealing ring expands less than 20 per cent, it is generally not serious, especially in static applications, and it can be beneficial, because the expansion of the volume can increase or maintain the role of sealing interference and balance the deformation of the pressure. However, if the volume expansion is too large (as shown in Figure 1), the sealing failure may be caused by loss of physical performance, excessive filling of slots, extrusion of sealing rings and damage of metal components in some cases.

When the rubber sealing ring material is too expanded, what will happen? Dongsheng seal tells you that when the expansion is too large, it often causes changes in physical performance, including lower mechanical performance and lower tensile strength. These all reduce the performance of the sealing ring and reduce the resistance to the clearance of the extruded housing. If the trench is overfilled due to the expansion of the sealing ring's volume height, the seal will squeeze into the high-pressure gap and form a large degree of extrusion on the low-pressure side.

Failure and analysis of

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