Failure and analysis of 'compression deformation'

by:DSH     2019-06-17

The oil sealing ring is gradually invalidated by the physical and chemical degradation of the chemical for a long time of time and temperature, and the sealing failure that occurs in most cases belongs to this type.It involves the interaction of sealing box sealing ring material and working environment.Dongsheng seal tells you that modern sealing ring life prediction technology enables end users and seal manufacturers to understand the type of degradation more clearly, so as to make a full response plan.Although these sealing-related technologies have different forms in various studies, they are generally based on some model, which is no longer discussed here.However, the following can be described for the main failure types of measurements.

Deformation of sealing ring (1)

First, the phenomenon of compression deformation or stress relaxation

The pressure deformation of the rubber seal can be simply described as the ability of the seal to reply from the pressure.Stress is a measure of the ability of the seal to maintain contact stress.Although the relationship between pressure deformation and stress of rubber sealing rings is still being studied and tested continuously, we can be sure that high stress or pressure deformation does not help the sealing of long-term sealing rings.The degree of these effects is greatly affected by temperature and fluid environment.The low value is very important to keep the seal, and the high value is equal to the loss of seal interference, and may also form a leak next to it.In addition, it should be noted that under some conditions, the pressure deformation value may be encountered beyond the parameter range.

For the O-type sealing ring, the pressure deformation experienced in the working condition is very obvious, as shown in figure (1 ). However, for sealing structures with more complex sealing sections, it is often necessary to understand their original actual size.

Failure and analysis of

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