Can the failure of rubber seal products be predicted?

by:DSH     2019-06-08

Is seal failure predictable or unpredictable? But if it is an unpredictable seal failure, it will cause a lot of expenses. Advances in sealing life prediction technology allow us to perform regular maintenance and sealing replacement at a predetermined level of damage before re-sealing fails. Since the prediction of sealing life is usually based on a model principle that takes into account the chemical effects determined by time, temperature, and sometimes physical effects. Therefore, we consider the various types, causes and analysis methods of sealing failure and degradation of rubber seal products.

However, sealing failure can generally be identified by a large amount of liquid leakage due to loss of sealing interference (or sealing contact stress) or loss of sealing integrity. Dongsheng seal tells you that the reasons can be divided into: physical and chemical degradation determined by time temperature; Shell function; application (use); decompression; storage and handling; production; wear and fatigue; thermal cycling.

Under the purchase of seal manufacturers, rubber seal products are widely used. generally, synthetic rubber is used as raw material to produce various rubber components. What are the properties of rubber seal products? When rubber products are formed, they are pressed under high pressure, and they cannot be cohesive because of the elastic body. when forming the mold, they often produce extremely unstable shrinkage (shrinkage of rubber, there are differences due to different rubber species), it takes a period of time to stabilize and slow down. Therefore, when a rubber product is designed at the beginning, regardless of the formula or mold, it is necessary to calculate and cooperate carefully. if not, it is easy to produce unstable product size and low product quality.

The rubber seal material belongs to the elastic body of the heat-soluble thermoset, and the plastic belongs to the heat-soluble and cold stability. Rubber due to the different types of sulfide, the temperature range of its molding and curing, there is also a considerable gap, and even due to climate change, indoor temperature and humidity. Therefore, the production conditions of rubber finished products need to be adjusted moderately at any time. if not, the quality of products may be different.

Rubber seal products are mixed rubber made from rubber raw materials for internal mixer rubber as raw materials. when refining rubber, the formula is designed according to the properties of the required rubber products, and the required product hardness is determined. The production and molding of the product is molded by the rubber flat Press. After the product is formed, the edge is processed, and the surface of the product is treated with smooth thorns.

Rubber seal product aging test belongs to the category of aging test. rubber aging refers to the change of performance structure caused by the comprehensive action of internal and external factors during processing, storage and use of rubber and products, thus the loss of use value. It is manifested as cracking, sticking, hardening, powder, discoloration, mildew, etc.

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Can the failure of rubber seal products be predicted?

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