Basic features and working environment requirements

by:DSH     2019-06-06

Hydraulic sealing ring (Hydraulic seal ring)It is a widely used seal in the industrial field, which prevents the working medium from leaking out of the shell along the shaft and the external dust from invading the inside of the body in reverse.So what are the basic features of the hydraulic rubber sealing ring?

1.1 when using, the performance of high temperature resistance and low temperature is required;

1.2 wear resistance and tear resistance in working cooperation;

1.3 for a period of time, it is not easy to produce swelling and hardening;

1.4 The sealing material should have good elasticity, moderate hardness and small compression deformation;

1.5 mechanical and physical properties such as fixed tensile strength, tensile strength and elongation are required;

1.6 can be matched according to customer material requirements, oil resistance and improve sealing performance.

Three main work environment requirements

First, as a commonly used rubber sealing ring for hydraulic cylinders, the higher the hydraulic oil pressure in its work, the additional stress trend will occur between the rubber sealing ring and the sealing surface, which must be greater.At this time, the huge stress phase pressure can easily lead to the early damage of the hydraulic rubber sealing ring (Wear phenomenon)So as to reduce the sealing ring specification structure and sealing properties.

Two, the sealing end face of the cylinder sealing ring in the relative reciprocating system movement, the higher the speed, it is easier to present the friction and wear degree of the rubber sealing ring and the sealing surface increase, easy to reduce the sealing effect of the hydraulic seal.

Third, its factors, such as ceramic powder, dust flying, air humidity and water droplets in ceramic factories, easily pollute hydraulic oil and greatly accelerate the wear and tear of rubber sealing rings, thus reducing the sealing effect of hydraulic rubber sealing ring.

Basic features and working environment requirements of hydraulic rubber sealing ring?

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