Axial Mechanical Seal

Axial Mechanical Seal


Axial Mechanical Seal

DSH-Axial Mechanical Seal


The axial mechanical seal of the present invention includes a shell with a closed circular space, which contains a fluid under pressure.


When subjected to heavy vibration, the carrier of the sealing ring and the supporting sealing ring cannot be placed in the axial direction and radial direction in the ring space;A series of pockets are placed in the housing on a regular basis and each pocket includes a compensation element that is in contact with the fluid under pressure, thus, the sealing ring and its carrier in the fluid displacement ring space generated by the axial movement of the fluid are accepted.


In an axial mechanical seal, including a shell with a circular internal space fluid subjected to pressure, the sealing ring and the carrier mean that the sealing ring is supported in said ring space, when subjected to heavy vibration, said sealing ring and said carrier means that axial direction and radial direction cannot be placed in said ring space: a series of pockets that are regularly disposed of in said housing;The compensation device means in each said pocket, the compensation device refers to the part consisting of an elastic yield device in contact with the fluid under pressure;Said elasticity means yielding in said pocket to accept fluid displacement due to the axial movement of said sealing ring, said carrier means in said ring space.


Basically, the axial mechanical seal includes a pair of flat sealing surfaces forming part of the rotating seat ring and fixing the sealing ring;By applying force (usually a spring) to one or two of the planes, these planes are urged to join in a fluid seal.In addition, these surfaces are subject to the action of the pressurized fluid contained in the sealed enclosure, and the rotary axis extends into that sealed enclosure.Vibration transmitted from the machine to the seal can cause difficulties, especially in large equipment such as turbines, stern tubes.


According to the frequency and amplitude of these vibrations, periodic increases will occur.The falling off of the sealing surface causes a leak between the sealing surfaces.In extreme cases, this effect can result in very short suction and discharge times in the sealing gap, and high-speed leakage flow and extremely high pressure difference can lead to erosion of the sealing surface and rapid damage to the sealing.These vibrations can be divided into radial and axial motion.Radial movement leads to radial sliding of the sealing ring and seat ring on each other’s surface;In most cases, however, these movements are accepted by standard axial mechanical seals.


On the other hand, the axial movement produces force in the seal area, which can be divided into mass force and hydraulic force.In order to reduce the mass force, parts that are affected by this force are usually made as lightly as possible.In addition, by adjusting the load of the spring to urge the surface in contact with each other, the resonance area can be avoided.The hydraulic power is far greater than the mass force, because a large amount of fluid must be displaced and pumped in a very short time interval.Because the above-Mention of regular elevatorsOff, these hydraulic forces can cause the sealing surface to open continuously, because the force in the spring cannot restore the contact of the sealing surface in a short time interval.This situation leads to constant and very high leakage, eliminating the advantages of flow leakage and high life of axial mechanical seals compared to other types of seals.Therefore, the purpose of the present invention is to provide a seal capable of tolerating vibration without the negative effects described above.


Thus, the present invention provides a series of pockets, each of which has an axial mechanical seal and compensation device.The compensation device consists of an elastic device that contacts the fluid under pressure and yields in the pocket, to accept the fluid displacement caused by the axial movement of the sealing ring and the sealing ring carrier when they are subject to high vibration.From the detailed description given below, the scope of application of the invention will become apparent;However, it should be understood that a detailed description, while indicating the preferred embodiment of the present invention, only the various changes and modifications within the spirit and scope of the invention will become obvious to those who are good at art.Basically, the present invention provides a compensator in an mechanical seal housing, which is able to accept displaced fluid without high flow rate and force, and process the fluid according to frequency.