how to make oil seal How to Pour Concrete Landscape Curbing by Hand

by:DSH     2019-06-09
how to make oil seal How to Pour Concrete Landscape Curbing by Hand
A wide variety of materials may be implemented as boundaries or edges in the landscape with the aim of separating different areas or containing covering, turf or ground cover plants or walking traffic.Pouring concrete is a possible edge or curb that provides a particularly neat, smooth look and excellent durability.To create an attractive long termLong lasting pouring concrete curb you must prepare the site by digging a trench, building enough forms and mixing, pouring and finishing the concrete properly.Dig a trench where you will pour concrete, at least 8 inch wide, 3 inch wide than the planned curb, deep enough to hold concrete of at least 4 inch thick.The final depth of the trench depends on how much concrete you want to extend above the surface of the soil.Fix the soil at the bottom of the trench and make sure the bottom of the trench is roughly flat.Push a stake into the ground every 18 inch along the inner edge of the trench.Where the limits will be tightly bent, install more bets for better support.Cut 4-Flexible cardboard or quarter inch wide strip-Install inch plywood as needed to fit the length of the planned containment.The fitting of curved strips of hard fiber board and plywood and the wooden pile belt to protect their inner surface-Inch wood screws, so that the top of the board flush with the top of the stake.The top of this form should reflect the planned top of the pouring concrete curb.Soaking plywood in water for a few hours will make it easier to bend and adapt to the curve.Set a height on the top of the building hard board or plywood form of various parts to ensure that the top of the form is horizontal and make any necessary adjustments by selectively tapping the stake gently1-cutting partby-1-Inch wood or Spare Stakes, the same width as the prepared wood shape, cling them to the bottom of the table every 3 feet.These pieces of wood are used as spacers and it will help to keep the shape when you pour the concrete.Apply the form lubricant or used oil to the inner surface of the form so that it is easier to remove the form later.Prepare the concrete mixture as recommended by the manufacturer and add any required additives.Pour the mixed concrete into the prepared table, spread it out, pack it, and use the edge spatula to flush it with the top of the table.When the bleeding water on the top of the concrete begins to disappear, float the smooth concrete surface with wood.Cut 1-Inch-deep control joint, each 3 feet M extends to the width of the concrete surface on the top of the curb using an edge spatula.Run the grinding tool on top of the concrete to create rounded corners or seals, or finish the concrete as needed.If required, brush or roll the concrete sealant to the curb after the maintenance period recommended by the concrete manufacturer.Take out the form three to five days or so after sealing the concrete, or as instructed by the sealing manufacturer.
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