A lubricating oil film in the medium of a hydraulic

by:DSH     2019-06-06

The choice of hydraulic oil is complex and important.Dongsheng seal tells you that in order to continuously improve the performance and meet the strict application conditions, the hydraulic oil has been in continuous development.To select the hydraulic oil to match the sealing system, the oil expert should be asked to help complete the correct selection. lubricating oil film in the medium of a hydraulic seal system?

Each hydraulic medium has different properties, that is, it may not be compatible with the seal material and will affect the lubrication performance of the sealing system, so the compatibility of the medium with the application and sealing materials is very important.

1. when there is a relative movement between the sealing surface and the hydraulic seal, the seal is called a dynamic seal;

2. the joint movement of the hydraulic seal and the hydraulic medium is lifted to create a dynamic sealing gap;

3. the hydraulic oil between the external sealing lip mouth and the moving parts is called 'lubricating oil film ';

4. lubricating oil film is very important in the system and can help maintain low friction and wear;

5. a thin oil film will be produced at low speed, while a thick oil film will be produced at high speed.

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 lubricating oil film in the medium of a hydraulic seal system?

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