How do wiper seals suppliers fix common wiper issues of vehicle?

How do wiper seals suppliers fix common wiper issues of vehicle?


Causes of wear of wiper blades

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The windshield wiper is an important active safety system in a car. Without the normal operation of the wiper, the driver runs the risk of incorrectly assessing the road situation. A working system protects not only from accidents, but also from vision problems (poorly cleaned glass increases eye strain). So you need to trust on reliable wiper seals suppliers only.

The wiper consists of an electric motor, brackets, a leash and a brush. This system also includes a tank with hoses and a liquid spray nozzle.

What is the service life of wiper seals?

The service life of the above parts is the same as the service life of the vehicle. This means that with careful use, they will not fail, just as a refrigerator, washing machine or vacuum cleaner will not break without outside interference.

All car owners sooner or later face unsatisfactory glass cleaning quality. We have highlighted the main problems associated with the operation of windshield wipers, because understanding the causes of their occurrence will allow you to extend the service life of the “wipers”. Wiper blades are a consumable item and must be changed in the same way as you change brake pads. Moreover, buy them from reliable Wiper Seals Suppliers only. 

Do not forget that working windshield wipers are an element of your safety!

Wiper Seals Suppliers Glass stripes

This effect occurs when the edge of the tape is cracked. Cracks are formed when the wiper blades work on dry, dirty glass or on an ice crust, as well as stuck insects. To avoid such effects, it is not recommended to turn on the “wipers” when the windshield is dirty or icy; it is necessary to clean the glass before driving.

Stubborn dirt should be removed with a napkin; there are special chemical compositions to remove adhered insects and wood resin. It is necessary to clean the glass from ice in winter with a scraper. Edge cracks are also formed as a result of the natural aging of brushes – under the influence of UV rays, the rubber hardens and loses its elasticity. We recommend replacing the brushes.

What happens to poor wiper seals?


Typically, according to Wiper Seals Suppliers the wiper blade starts bouncing over the glass, leaving radial streaks on two occasions. At high speed, the windshield of the wiper increases and squeezes it away from the windshield – this effect is typical for frame wipers without a spoiler. If you find yourself in such a situation, it is recommended to change the brushes with a spoiler or frameless ones with good aerodynamics.


The second reason is the loose mechanism of classic brushes or attachments – usually in such a situation it is required to check the correct attachment of the brush to the leash and the backlash of the mechanisms.

Why to replacing brushes is important in wiper seals maintenance?

Replace brushes if necessary. The third reason is the twisted leash of the janitor. At the same time, usually, the brush cleans satisfactorily in one direction, and poorly in the other. In this case, there is a possibility that the leash is slightly tightened with a “screw”.

For this, you need to fix or replace the wiper arm so that the wiper blade is at right angles to the glass surface. Moreover, you can also replace them by contacting wiper seals suppliers.

How to fix glass contamination on windscreen?

In a situation where the glass is not cleaned by windshield wipers and remains cloudy, there are two possible reasons. First, you need to check what kind of contamination is on the glass. Perhaps it is some kind of viscous chemical compound or resin, then you should thoroughly wash the glass and brushes (the best result will be given by special liquids for glasses).

The second option is a longitudinal rupture of the rubber band in the place of the movable joint – the cleaning element does not withstand the specified working angle. This is an extreme version of the “Uncleared Area” problem.

Installing wiper seals is vital for good performance of vehicle

Imagine that your gearbox is out of order because it has been in oil starvation mode for a while. This happens when the oil level is very low. And you remember that at the last service you were advised to contact Wiper Seals Suppliers for better seals. Through which the oil and flowed out.

For the same reason, the gearbox, the transfer case, and even the engine can fail, which is also not uncommon. If customers are not in a hurry to replace the front crankshaft O-ring, then during the operation of the car, oil gets on the timing belt.

The result is a torn belt, bent valves and upcoming expensive engine repairs.

How not to kill the engine?

And all you need to do is to replace the oil seal in a timely manner.  This is the case. In addition to oil starvation, damage is caused by the oil itself, which is scattered throughout the engine compartment. For example, oil gets on the pipes, which are many under the hood. It corrodes and breaks the tightness, resulting in a rupture – and here you are.
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First, the pipes themselves can be very expensive and custom-made.
Secondly, troubleshooting will require material and time costs.
Thirdly, it will surely happen at the most inopportune moment, and your plans collapsed, well, and the further operation of the car is only on a tow truck.

Causes of leaking wiper seals

During the operation of the car, it is important to carefully respond to suspicious sounds from the box and possible signs of a transmission malfunction:

  • Loss of elasticity and subsequent deformation due to constant temperature changes;
  • Untimely changed oil, in which wear products and subsequent mechanical stress are formed;
  • Excessive pressure in the unit;
  • Unqualified prior installation;

The conclusion from all of the above is obvious. Timely elimination of oil leaks not only prolongs the service life of vehicle components, but also saves you money, time and nerves. Similarly, always prefer to hire professional Wiper Seals Suppliers equipment.