Why it is important to hire an ideal oil seal company?

Why it is important to hire an ideal oil seal company?


Why oil seals are crucial for industrial applications?

Oil seals are very useful for all critical applications in industries like oil, petrochemicals, and gas, etc. The manufacturers at the oil seal company design these seals to avoid leakage in all industrial applications.

Moreover, oil seals are extremely important devices as they work to limit or stop any form of leakage of fluids. They also play an essential role to close spaces between moving and stationary components in mechanical equipment.

In fact, it is really important to select a good company for your oil seals as they are important parts of your application. Moreover, for their perfect uses, you should read this guide because it can help you to understand what seals are.

What are the main purposes of oil seals? Further, what is the difference between a mechanical seal and an oil seal?

Let’s get started from the basics!

Oil seals

What is a seal in engineering?

A seal is a very special device in engineering that helps to join mechanisms or systems together by preventing leakage, containing pressure, or excluding contamination. Moreover, the efficiency of a seal totally on adhesion in the case of compression and sealants in the case of gaskets.

How many types of seals are there?

In fact, there are several other types of seals that an oil seal company produces for sealing. They are greatly beneficial to use in specific designs and applications. As well as are useful for many other purposes. Let’s take a look at other kinds of seals!

  • Hydraulic
  • Unbalanced,
  • Balanced,
  • Pusher,
  • Non-pusher,
  • Diaphragm,
  • Conventional seals, etc.

What are oil seals?

Oil seals can actually protect the bearings and shafts from any dirt to get into the grease or oil. These are light in weight as well as extremely flexible. Actually, they are useful in the places where you suppose to seal.

Moreover, they also can prevent corrosive moisture from entering the bearings, also, maintain lubricants in the bearings. Oil seals are used in all types of hydraulic systems, pistons, pumps, among various other connections.

Basically, oil seals produced by an oil seal company contain an inner flexible member and an outer circular metal part. These seals do the actual sealing.

Moreover, these are bonded to the metal part with the help of chemical adhesive agents.

They have many other names such as:

  • oil gaskets
  • rubber oil seals,
  • or dirt seals.

What is the purpose of oil seal?

In fact, the main purpose of the seal is to prevent leakage of fluids and enhance the performance of applications. These seals have been designed by manufacturers in numerous sizes.

It totally depends on your choices that which type and size of oil seal you need in your applications. Further, you can fit them on several

  • Pipes;
  • Valves;
  • As well as on any other openings where you want to prevent the leakage of lubricating oil.

They have generally two purposes such as they can hold the oil in the exact place. Moreover, these seals also help in lubricating the machine’s moving parts and make sure that there is no lubricant leakage.

Oil seals that an oil seal company produces for your industrial needs can also serve in another way. Such as these seals make sure that different harmful contaminants will not leak in different parts of your equipment.

So, oil seals are essential in increasing the system performance of all applications.

What are popular uses of oil seals in different industrial applications?

The most popular uses of oil seals in different applications are:

  1. Paper rolls;
  2. Industrial fans and pumps;
  3. Gearboxes;
  4. Electric motors;
  5. Customized equipment and so on.

What is the difference between a mechanical seal and an oil seal?

In fact, the main purpose of all seals is to protect a joining in a piece of equipment. They help to keep lubrication as well as help to keep other liquids inside and contamination outside of the joint.

Basically, rotary shaft or oil seals feeble to use in extreme temperatures. Hence, they are dangerous to use in very low or high temperatures.

While a mechanical seal contains rotating components, stationary elements, and spring. These seals are highly durable ad need a little maintenance. Actually, it is the most beneficial factor of these seals as it improves the overall productivity.

Generally, both types of seals are popular to use in many mechanical building applications. An oil seal company can easily serve you the way you want. It can provide the seals that you need to use in your applications.

What is the working principle of the oil seal?

The working principle of oil seals is very simple. Moreover, you can understand easily by reading our step-by-step guide. So, read it carefully!

Step # 1:

In their free condition, the inner diameter of the oil seal lip is smaller in comparison to the shaft diameter. Moreover, they have a specific amount of interference.

Step # 2:

After the installation of oil seals, the contraction force of the self-tightening spring and the interference pressure of the oil seal produce a particular radial pressure on the rotating shaft.

Step # 3:

During their work, the lip of the oil seal composes a sealing contact ring of 0.25 to 0.5 mm wide under the action of radial pressure. In any application, when the lubricating oil is under pressure, it penetrates into the edge of the oil seal. Here it produces an extremely thin film of oil between the rotating shaft.

Moreover, this oil film is subjected to the surface tension of the oil in order to produce a “new moon” surface on the outer edge of the rotating shaft. As well as on the cutting edge of oil seal to prevent oil from overflowing and to seal.

What are the main factors causing oil seal leakage?

The designers of oil seals at an oil seal company explain in detail that the main cause of oil leakage is a tight seal of the oil seal. Further, as the shaft wears and creates a groove. It even creates if the new oil seal is not sealed.

The contact pressure of the oil shaft and lip is lowered. Moreover, the interference between the shaft diameter and the diameter of the oil seal lip is very small.

What are the main reasons for the lack of sealing?

Here are some reasons for you to understand the lack of sealing. These are:

  • Inferior quality of bearings or shafts;
  • the quality of Oil seal manufacturing is poor;
  • inappropriate installation;
  • poor maintenance and use;
  • Inappropriate environment for storage or badly affected by harmful environmental pollution.Oil seal


Are you searching for a reliable oil seal company for buying oil seals? You should have to pay deep attention to selecting a good company for your seals. In fact, it really affects the performance of your applications.

Moreover, if you hire a good company it will also be able to cut maintenance costs and avoiding extra costs. Always choose an ideal company that can provide you best design, engineer, and manufacture oil seals to your companies’ specifications.

Since oil seals play is a crucial part in all industrial applications, so you should select the perfect designers for your oil seals. In this way, you can get high-quality products for the success of your project.