[Structure Diagram]A Type C sealing ring with

by:DSH     2019-06-06

An improved U-shaped sealing ring shape, C-shaped sealing ring and improved C-type sealing ring of piston rod Special Section C-type sealing ring, Dongsheng seal tells you and special section, it can also be used for cylinder piston and piston stem sealing ring. Some of them are developed for pneumatic use.

sealing ring called a gauge (Figure 1-Structure diagram of type C sealing ring profile seal ring).This sealing ring can directly replace the O-shaped sealing ring, installed in the same groove.It has the same dynamic friction as the O-ring, but the starting friction is much smaller because of the smaller section compression and the larger flexibility.The small gap at the inside diameter of the SEAL allows the air to enter the seal and pushes the anti-lip mouth to the inclined surface of the trench.So the seal is fully loaded under static and moving conditions, and will be sealed in both directions.

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[Structure Diagram] Type C sealing ring with special section of piston rod?

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