Why Spring energized seals are better than rubber o rings?

Why Spring energized seals are better than rubber o rings?


Spring energized o ring beginner guide 2020

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In the market there are different designs of Spring energized seals. These are used to control a fluid through a pipe; cutting, bypassing or modulating its pace.

Moreover, different valve designs cover different operating requirements. Before selecting a valve type and its construction materials, following points play an important role:

  • the operating pressure
  • temperature
  • flow, environment
  • conditions
  • and operating requirements

What are Spring Energized Seals?

Spring energized seals are seals generally made with PTFE. And they may have PEEK inserts, materials which have exceptional physical and technical characteristics. But they are not elastic. To overcome this limit, different types of springs are used.

They provide a constant load along the circumference of the gasket. Moreover, they create a perfect seal between the casing and the machinery. The various types of springs have different properties and characteristics.

Generally, the properties significantly influence the:

  • sealing effect
  • the behavior in the presence of friction and
  • the wear of the compression ring


How do Spring energized seals work?

The spring energized seals, regardless of the type of profile and the shape of the spring, all have the same operating principle. The sealing effect is obtained through the specific preload of the plastic casing. Moreover, the mechanical preload of the spring plays the same role.

The radial contact pressure forces are sufficient for the perfect sealing of a non-pressurized application. In the presence of pressures above one hundred bar, the contact forces over the entire sealing surface increase.

What advantages do Spring energized seals offer?

Spring energized seals are used in both dynamic and static applications. Here chemical-physical working conditions go beyond the limits of traditional seals. However, even when standard gaskets might satisfy basic needs, many engineers choose energized gaskets for an added level of reliability.

What are the application fields of spring seals?

There are many industrial sectors in which spring-energized seals are used.

  • Automotive: for ex. in direct petrol injection;
  • Food industry; for example. packaging and dosing
  • machines – Mechanical industry: eg. computer numerical control (CNC) machines, compressors,
  • vacuum pumps and also in the construction of tank systems;
  • Medical technique and laboratory analysis: eg. endoscopy and chromatography;
  • Aviation and aerospace industry: eg. in landing gear systems;
  • Painting technique: eg. valves for dyes;
  • Hydraulics and pneumatics: eg. in valves, solenoid valves, cylinders and pumps;
  • Chemical industry: eg. construction of equipment and tanks;
  • Off-Shore technology: eg. seals for crude oil and methane;
  • Adhesives industry: eg. valve needle seals.

Spring energized seals typically consist of a polymeric jacket and a metal spring. Furthermore, it provides a consistent load across the entire circumference of the seal. It is to create a reliable sealing condition between the jacket and the equipment.


System pressure creates additional sealing force between jacket and seal housing. In this combination, the spring forces the lips of the seal toward the housing and stem surfaces. Similarly, the pressure assists the force exerted by the spring.

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The lack of lubrication at start-up does not impair the Spring energized seals performance. In addition, it can effectively reduce wear and friction resistance. Moreover, it greatly improves the sealing performance and service life.

Spring energized seals usually use the elasticity of elastic materials to obtain good sealing performance. This type of sealing ring performs well in static applications with proper pressure and temperature. Under suitable environment and operating conditions, sealing rings can achieve a good sealing effect.

What affect Spring energized seals performance?

However, when your application involves sealing with corrosive media, standard Spring energized seals will quickly lose performance. They become brittle and often fail quickly.

Chemicals with high toxic concentrations can accelerate the degradation of rubber materials. In the past few years, although the rubber industry is also trying to develop materials with higher chemical resistance. It has obtained some costly solutions.


In addition to chemical properties, pressure, temperature range and cycle times are also very important. When the application environment is close to extremely high pressure, the Spring energized seal will not be used.

The dshseals spring energy storage seal is specially designed for such severe conditions.


dshseals sealing ring consists of two parts:

  1. polymer material bushing
  2. metal spring energy storage ring.

This spring combination can withstand all corrosive media. And it maintains elasticity and sealing performance even under high pressure and low temperature.

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It should also note that the Spring energized seals design for the standard groove size. It may constitute a design limitation when developing new systems or equipment.

Due to the design freedom provided by the manufacturing process, the size of spring energy storage seals is suitable for almost any type of groove. Custom design becomes the standard way to use spring seal products.

What are the benefits of Spring energized seals?

Longevity is another advantage of Spring energized seals design. Because it contains metal energy storage ring and polymer material. This kind of sealing ring has a longer service life than rubber O-ring.

I want to share a case related to the oil and gas industry: We have successfully provided seals for subsea valves. According to its specifications, the seals must have a service life of at least 25 years. This duration is far beyond the capabilities of standard rubber O-rings.


Among the various sealing solutions on the market, Spring energized seal is one of the products that give the highest added value. Its benefits can be comprehensively calculated from multiple aspects.

Such as:

  • longer service life
  • fewer downtimes
  • operating time and
  • maintenance requirements.

The rotating seal spring energy storage sealing ring is a pressure-assisted sealing device. Both the jacket and the energy storage spring have excellent corrosion resistance.

When the spring energy storage sealing ring installs in the dense groove, the spring compress. And the lip of the jacket press against the sealing groove, thereby forming a seal.

Spring energized seals conclusion

The Spring energized seals provide permanent elasticity to the sealing jacket. And it compensates for material wear and offset of the matching parts. The system pressure will also assist the sealing jacket to accumulate energy.

Through the spring elastic force and the system pressure, it can achieve regardless of high pressure or low pressure. Effective sealing. Spring energy storage seals widely use in dynamic and static motion.