Spring energized seals

Spring energized seal is a PTFE-filled stainless steel spring designed by DSH, which is a widely used high-performance sealing product. It includes oil spring, cantilever V-type spring, oblique coil spring, Elgiloy coil spring and it can be made with the following materials: PTFE filled bronze, PTFE filled carbon fiber and MoS2, PTFE filled graphite, PTFE filled PI, PTFE filled Ekonol, PU, etc.

It can be adapted to all kinds of media including almost all liquids, chemicals and gases with excellent chemical and temperature resistance. It is a highly durable seal that is resistant to chemicals and heat and can be operated between -40~ + 260°C.

The seal is able to provide the highest sealing performance in the toughest industrial environments. The seal offers excellent chemical compatibility, low friction, long service life and durability in low or low-temperature applications. The seal is typically used for compressed gas waterless crack sealing, LPG and liquid nitrogen, as well as rotary, reciprocating and oscillatory motions.

Spring-energized-seal can be usually supplied in many types and can be made to conform to the standard size and can be customized.

The flanged spring energized seal has an extremely low coefficient of friction. DSH seals offers the seal available in the following colors: black, green, brown, white, red, blue, gold, etc.


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DSH Seals's Spring energized seals series contains multiple sub-products, Keeps up with the new trend of the industry development and adopts the cutting-edge technology in the manufacturing of spring seal. It is a high-quality product with good performance in sealing, wear resistance, and corrosion resistance.DSH Seals recruits talented people broadly to establish an excellent and highly educated talents team. Our team members professional and experienced.For product information.Looking For Spring energized seals Supplier? DSH Specialized in Spring energized seals manufacture, spring seal supplier.

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