[Section]What is a self-adhesive compression seal?

by:DSH     2019-06-06

So, what is a self-adhesive compression seal?The Dongsheng seal tells you that the surface is coated with foam plastic strips with high adhesive glue, widely used as a light-load universal seal, mainly as a ventilation and dust-proof seal.Its unique advantage is that it is cheap, easy to install, and can be applied to sex, semi-sex and detachable connections.Due to the elasticity of the materials, it can also reduce the propagation of vibration and noise.

This seal is made of plasticized PVC with one side (Sometimes double sided)Apply pressure sensitive viscose.It is mainly used as a dust seal or a ventilation seal, providing good adaptability with soft foam (Table 1-Properties of typical self-adhesive poly-ethylene foam compressed dust-proof seal).PVC foam has excellent resistance to ultraviolet light, climate, oxidation, salt water, weak acid and weak alkali.It has a poor stress on certain solvents.

* Table 1-properties of a typical self-adhesive poly-gas ethylene foam compressed dust-proof seal

Properties of self-adhesive poly-ethylene foam compression dust seal

Numerical value of self-adhesive poly-ethylene foam compression dust seal

Seal (g/cm 3)

Amount of compression required for sealing

Force required for sealing (g/cm 2)

Shaw hardness '00'

Working temperature (掳c)

Recovery rate after 24 h compression

Adhesion with steel


Usually white or black

20 to 50 (usually 50)

90 to 250

-40 to 60

Greater than 600g/25mm

The above data and values are for reference only. please operate according to the actual situation!

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[Section]What is a self-adhesive compression seal?

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