[Section]Is the guide ring a commonly used reciprocating

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In static sealing, it is mainly O-type sealing ring, but in Dynamic Sealing, there are seals with various specifications and structures.However, knowing the rubber sealing materials can understand the guide ring. different rubber sealing materials have their own properties and medium resistance.Dongsheng seal tells you that the dynamic seal can be divided into Rotary seal and reciprocating seal according to function, followed by the structural form of reciprocating seal (Variety)There are many.

1. definition of guide ring

Strictly speaking, he does not belong to the seal, because he does not have the sealing function. in a broad sense, it can also be said to be the seal, because he is an indispensable supporting role in the sealed combination structure.

2. the role of the guide ring

The guide ring is also called wear ring and support ring. it is also called Guide belt and wear belt as coil supply.His role is to guide and absorb radial forces on the piston and piston rods.

3. sealing materials commonly used in guide rings

The guide ring generally adopts the same sealing material as the piston ring, and the commonly used sealing material has filled PTFE (PTFE)And filled polyimides (PI)Wait.Filled with PTFE (PTFE)For the matrix, add a certain proportion of filler (Such as glass fiber, baking powder, graphite, molybdenum sulfide, etc)Made with excellent physical, chemical and wear-resistant properties, cheap and easy to form, it is a commonly used sealing material for guiding.

Second, the PTFE guide ring: the pneumatic resistance is small, and it is not suitable to crawl at low speed;Low friction, suitable for high speed, medium, light load and hydraulic cylinder occasions;Adding filler such as graphite is suitable for oil-free lubrication cylinders.

[Section]Is the guide ring a commonly used reciprocating seal?

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