How rubber seals manufacturers can increase hydraulic seals performance?

How rubber seals manufacturers can increase hydraulic seals performance?


Characteristics of hydraulic rubber seals

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The seals rotating dynamic rubber seals manufacturers are intended to rotating shafts of pumps and motors. The function of the rotating seals is to prevent the lubricant from leaking out of the system and contaminating the latter by external agents.

In the classic arrangement, the sealing ring is mounted in a fixed position in a special seat of the body. Similarly, the sliding movement takes place between the ring and the rotating shaft. The structure includes a profiled elastomer part, a metal support armature and a compression spring.

What are rubber seals?

Rubber seals manufacturers, as the name already suggests, are gaskets in rubber or in other materials such as polyurethane or elastomer. It finds a vast number of applications in the sector of hydraulic systems.

To clarify, they are generally those donut disks in rubber used for closing the taps in the home. But that you can also find in industrial machinery.  It works under pressure of fluids, in steam pipes, in city aqueducts and even mounted on the valve of the pots pressure.

Despite their small size and simplicity, hydraulic seals are fundamental components to ensure the correct operation of a certain type of closure.

How Hydraulic rubber Seals Work?

The rubber seals manufacturers have essentially one purpose, to guarantee the correct closing operation of a device. It has to do with the passage of liquids and with the pressure of fluids, such as water.

In fact, it is no coincidence that a tap needs to mount the gaskets to close properly. Here, to explain how the hydraulic seals work, we can take the taps as a perfect example. In fact, the presence of the seals prevents water from passing when the hydraulic mechanism is tightened.

In the absence of the seals, the fluids would still find a way to overcome the blockage. Moreover, it will cause losses and therefore waste of water and money.

Characteristics of hydraulic rubber seals

Given their simplicity, the characteristics of the hydraulic seals can be summarized by talking about the materials that make them up. And which must necessarily have precise properties, the rubber.


In fact, must never be rigid but flexible and malleable. Furthermore, it is precisely for this reason that rubber seals manufacturers use alternative materials such as elastomer.

This is due to the fact that these materials tend to expand and occupy the space otherwise invaded by water, preventing their escape.

But these are also delicate materials. This means that a lock must never be excessively tight or forced. Because the hydraulic seals would become crushed and would tend to deform. It will be unable to prevent the penetration of fluids into the closing mechanisms. That is why it is very important to buy rubber seals from professional rubber seals manufacturers.

Always referring to the example of the taps, the knobs must never be tightened with force. Finally, to underline the fact that the hydraulic seals tend to wear out or stiffen over time. Therefore they must be periodically replaced.

How do rubber seals manufacturers use hydraulic seals?

In the case of the simplest hydraulic devices, just install the rubber gaskets in the special housing, without doing anything else.

But in the case of more complex hydraulic systems, it is necessary to accompany the gasket with a thread. In this sense, the commonly used threads are made using the Teflon.

It should also be specified that rubber seals manufacturers should add sometimes green paste. It increases the performance of hydraulic.

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To have a perfectly functional and safe machine it is necessary to periodically perform a good maintenance of the vehicle in possession. In most cases of malfunction there is wear, even important, of the car seals.

The rubber seals are used to seal the passenger compartment. They isolate it from annoying external noises, unwanted air drafts. Above all, they are useful for avoiding the vibrations of the hood, the tailgate, the doors and the windows.

Let’s see the main causes of rubber seal failure ..

The rubber seals are the most commonly used sealing systems in many applications. They are very popular among rubber seals manufacturers. Serious damage can result from their incorrect operation. Let’s see the main causes of rubber seal failure …

Abrasion – phenomenon due to excessive friction caused by repetitive contact between the o-ring and the external surface in dynamic applications. Despite being a phenomenon mainly related to the relative movement between the elements, there can be losses in seal efficiency.

If the operating pressure is pulsating and with strong variations in the peak value. In this case the abrasion is caused by the small displacements to which the o-ring is subject. It is important for rubber seals manufacturers that there is good lubrication to ensure trouble-free operation of the rubber seals.

Compression set: the incorrect selection of the elastomeric material can lead to loss of elasticity of the rubber seals and loss of its sealing capacity.

Extrusion and erosion:   exposure to high pressures can cause the rubber seals into the vacuum created by the lack of material. It will cause damage ultimately.

A rapid pressure cycle can cause permanent damage to the o-ring. Because it is trapped between the cutting edges of the mating surfaces.

Chemical attack:   the rubber seals can become hard and crumbly if it comes into contact with some aggressive chemicals. It is therefore necessary for rubber seals manufacturers to choose the elastomeric material taking into account the substances and temperatures.

Errors during installation: o-rings installed in a twisted or too tight way and lubricated incorrectly are another cause of seal failure and failure.

Why rubber seals manufacturers?

The operation of pneumatic and hydraulic equipment depends on the quality of the rubber seals manufacturers. Rubber seals are often used for better traction. Their design is simple: a closed loop with a circular cross-section. The choice of goods depends on the specifics and sizes of the unit.

Properties and features of rubber seals

Rubber seals are made from various grades of rubber. Selected raw materials affect the properties of products. Resilience, elasticity provides a snug fit to the parts of the mechanism, which ensures sealing of the connection.


Application area

The industry produces two types of o-rings. Products differ from each other in profile configuration and can be with a rectangular or circular cross-section. The latter are more in demand due to the fact that they are more universal.