Rubber seals company: Best Guide about seals types and functions

Rubber seals company: Best Guide about seals types and functions


What are rubber seals?

A rubber seal or an oil seal has the definition of the sealing purpose. The rubber seals company has the major contribution in the sealing functions of engineering works. Thus, the rubber seals are important to restrain the fluid or oil in the defined compartments. They prevent this fluid from the leaking and flowing outside the given location.

The function of the rubber seals is important in the process of the lubrication between the moving and static parts of the automobiles. The bearing systems and hydraulic systems also need the rubber seals for the sealing functions.

Why rubber seals are important?

On the other hand, the rubber seals are not only important for the sealing functions in the hydraulic systems. They also bear the considerable pressure and temperature ranges in the hydraulic cylinders. The oil seals, the rubber oils seals and oil seals are all the names of the rubber seals.

This article will illustrate the importance of the rubber seals in the engineering works. Moreover, this article will also show the services by the rubber seals company in order to cope with sealing challenges. The composition, structure and the working of the rubber seals is also illustrated in this study.

Need for the Rubber seals company

Rubber seals company

The rubber seals may consist of the different types of the materials in their composition. They may have the configuration of the rubber, metal or other typical materials. These materials are important for the working as well as structure of the rubber seals.

The best material for the manufacturing of the rubber seals is the high quality rubber. But the rubber for the seals is available in the definite varieties and types. The rubber seals company can manufacture the different shaped rubber seals for the different functions.

The important type of the rubber seals is that made of the nitrile rubber. This material has the characteristic features that fit for the sealing functions. Moreover, this type of rubber is more adaptable for the wide range of temperature and pressure.


Distinguishing features of rubber seals


The rubber seals used for the sealing purposes have many outstanding distinguishing features. These distinguishing features are due to the quality of the rubber used in the composition of these rubber seals. This rubber provides them the adaptive features as compared to those made of metals or other plain materials.

The most demanding feature of these rubber seals is the tolerance to the wide range of the temperature. In the case of the high temperature, they maintain the efficient working. Thus, they perform the working by having expanding adaptability and strong holding capacity.

Rubber seals varieties and shapes

In addition, these rubber seals are available in the variety of shapes and types. The rubber seals company can manufacture a series of the shapes and contours of the rubber seals. These different kinds of the rubber seals are applicable in many different types of the mechanical equipment.

Similarly, the rubber seals are easy to manufacture. The manufacturing and installation of the rubber containing oil seals is easy and fast. Moreover, they do not require the high costs and arrangements for their maintenance. They are easy to handle and use in the sealing operations for the mechanical wear outs.

Working of Rubber seals


The working and use of the rubber oil seals define structure and composition of the rubber oil seals. The rubber oil seals are there to fit on the edges of the pipes and valves. Their function on their location is to prevent the oil or fluid from leaking out of the location.

The rubber oil seals have the two fundamental roles in the hydraulic systems. First, they are specialized to keep the fluid or lubricant in the location. They keep the liquid from leaking out from the location of use.

In addition, they help the equipment in the lubrication of the dynamic parts of the machinery. The rubber seals company has to consider these two function during the manufacture of the rubber oil seals.

Thus, the rubber oil seals are essential for the sealing operations in the mechanical systems. Moreover, they are also important in the safety and protection of the hydraulic systems. They save the mechanical systems from the attack of the dirt and damaging components. They have the specialized parts known as scrapers. These parts capture the dirt and other particles and prevent from entering the system.

Structure of the rubber seals

The structure of the rubber oil seals defines the function and performance during the sealing operations. They can have different schemes of the structure according to their use and application. The structure of the rubber oil seals is always according to the mechanical equipment requirement in which it is to use.

The rubber oil seals mainly consist of the two basic parts. One is the inner portion of the rubber oil seal and other is the outer part. The both parts have the different kind of action and structure. The reason is that these both parts perform the different kind of function.

Inner part

The inner part of the rubber oil seal consists of the metal casing. It has the hard and compact composition of the metal. The reason behind the compact inner structure is its function. The inner part is the part that provides strength and stability to the whole rubber oil seal.

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Outer part of rubber seals

The outer part of the rubber oil seals has the varied composition and structure. It may consist of the rubber or metal. The casing material for the outer part of the rubber oil seals varies according to the application and function. In the case of rubber, it provides the adaptability and flexibility to the rubber oil seal.

Sealing and dust lips

In addition to the outer and inner part of the rubber oil seal, it consists of two types of the lips. These lips are the sealing lip and the dust lip. The important rubber seals are those having the fixed type of the dust lip.

If the dust lip is fixed, the rubber seals company manufactures it by filling the space between the dust lip and sealing lip. The material for the filling purpose between the dust lip and the sealing lip is usually grease. These two types of the lips are collectively taking part in the whole functioning of the rubber oil seals.

The garter spring seal

The garter spring is the important part of the rubber oil seal. It is present at each edge of the rubber seal. The function of the garter spring is to provide the circular shape to the lip of the rubber seal. This circular shape in turn provides the radial force for the shaft.

In addition, there is a spring too at the edge of the sealing lip. The function of this spring is determining the performance of the whole rubber oil seal. This spring keeps the lubricant in the place. It does not allow the oil to leak out and rush to the unnecessary places.

Moreover, this spring provides the support and strength to the lip of the rubber oil seal. Thus, this spring is essential for the proper and efficient working of the rubber oil seal.