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Familiar with high temperature oil seal and mechanical end seal, Dongsheng seal may easily ignore the possibility of filling the debate cover as a high temperature sealing ring.Asbestos filler.The working pressure can reach more than 500 ℃;The pure expanded graphite oil seal is as high as 2500 ℃.The latter is self-lubricating and has a lower coefficient of friction.Based on the filling of the aromatic polyamide kaifular, it may also be suitable for temperatures up to 300 °c and is another low friction filler.

Ceramic fiber fillers, such as Al-Si ropes reinforced by inkang nickel alloy, have been targeted at very high temperatures (Up to 1260 °c)And the use of pressure quotient 100bar has been developed.The chemical endurance of this filler is very strong (PH0-9)And good heat insulation.

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[Popular ScienceHigh temperature oil seal with what packing?

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