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Where are high temperature seals used?Is the solution realistic or applicable?The Dongsheng seal tells you that the high temperature seal depends largely on the application or working environment.For example, in a hydraulic system, it may be an attractive solution to the oil, because it simplifies the system design and component selection to the conditions of 'current technical level of use.

The additional requirement is to have enough heat exchange in order to maintain the temperature of the oil above the required level.On the other hand, in a pump system, liquid may be delivered at a specific temperature, but capping Ling may indeed be a simple and satisfactory solution.In another case, the liquid being delivered may be both high temperature and toxic or dangerous goods and may not be contaminated in any way, therefore, only seals in the form of special sealing structures can adapt to this task.This is a serious choice and may even require the development of a suitable high temperature seal.There are also particularly high temperature requirements, etc. only non-metallic seals can work hopefully without damage.

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[Popular ScienceA high temperature seal that can be used in a hydraulic system?

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