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What is the high-temperature sealing ring? it is the sealing ring of rubber products. Dongsheng sealing ring tells you that it was originally limited to low-temperature use below 125 ℃, but there are certain exceptions (For example, the material of silicone rubber and fluorine rubber sealing ring can reach 250 ℃).However, in specific applications, the sealing ring structure is often allowed to use or substitute the sealing ring material in order to further improve the working temperature range of the sealing, which is called the high-temperature sealing ring (Table 1 working temperature adaptation table of high temperature sealing ring material).

Table 1-working temperature adaptation table of high temperature sealing ring material:

Material Name of high temperature sealing ring

Acrylic rubber

Note: when using high temperature, in order to maintain the working temperature of the fluid at the level of ordinary or cheap rubber sealing ring material, it is often worth considering the possibility of fluid.

(Code: S-applicable; LS-applicability is limited; VLS-applicability is very small; empty is no applicable)

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[Popular Science] working temperature adaptation table of high temperature sealing ring material

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