Oil Seal Manufacturers Explain the Reasons behind Oil Leakage in Car

Oil Seal Manufacturers Explain the Reasons behind Oil Leakage in Car


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HOW TO IDENTIFY THE TYPE OF OIL? Oil seal manufacturers

Have you noticed an oil stain under your stationary vehicle? Or that the level was falling too quickly? Distrust, you may be dealing with an oil leak. A problem that can seriously harm your vehicle if it is not resolved quickly. What are the risks? What are the causes of the leak? Find Oil seal manufacturers advice on what to do in the event of an oil leak in your car.

To find out what to do in the event of oil leak in your car, and to help you locate the source of the problem, you must first identify the type of oil leaking. To do this, take a thick, clear cardboard to check the color and appearance of the liquid. So if the oil is:

  • Black, thick: it is engine oil  ;
  • Orange, with a fairly strong odor: it is manual gearbox oil  ;
  • Red, unclean: it is automatic transmission oil  ;
  • Blue, yellow, pink or green: this is another liquid, windshield washer, coolant, steering fluid, etc.

If you are not sure, you can contact Oil seal manufacturers near you.


Do you notice oil stains or streaks under your vehicle? Or do you deplore a rapid and significant drop in the oil level? You are most likely dealing with an oil leak in your car and you must act quickly. But what is the origin of the problem?

Given the very many organs that make up a vehicle, the cause of the leak can come from several areas. This can in particular be linked to Oil seal manufacturers.

Choosing an unprofessional Oil seal manufacturers can put your car in trouble. You may find issues in following areas:

  • Head gasket;
  • Seal, or SPI seal;
  • Oil filter;
  • Oil cooler or oil / water exchanger;
  • Pistons and cylinders
  • Housing or housing gasket;
  • Crankcase bleed screw;
  • Rocker cover.

If you have a good knowledge like Oil seal manufacturers, you can open the hood of your car to find out for yourself the cause of the oil leak. Attention, wait until the engine is cold before embarking on these checks.

On the other hand, if you have the slightest doubt, do not hesitate to turn to a professional who will quickly and precisely find the source of the problem.


Oil seal manufacturers explain the oil leak risks?

An oil leak in your car can have serious consequences, especially if it is engine oil. And for good reason: this product allows the optimal functioning of your vehicle by ensuring several key roles. It lubricates the engine elements and limits friction between the different parts. Engine oil forms a protective film preventing contact between these important elements.

The oil also helps clean the engine, driving out the various deposits and particles that can be created during vehicle operation. Finally, this essential product helps – along with the coolant – to temper the engine and avoid excessive heat.
But that’s not all; this liquid also provides a protective role by protecting the metal parts of the engine from corrosion. It works perfectly with oil seals. If you have a damaged seal, you need to talk to expert Oil seal manufacturers.

You will therefore understand, in the event of an oil leak in your vehicle, all of these roles could no longer be optimally performed. Consequently, the absence of oil could seriously damage all parts of the engine, very quickly, and cause your vehicle to break and break down. And, ultimately, the repairs would prove to be particularly costly.

This is why it is necessary to take care regularly to check the oil levels, to be vigilant as for the signs of leak which you could spot. And, if you are affected by this problem, act quickly to stop this flow.

Note: If you are facing a constant oil leakage problem due to oil seal, you need to replace a perfect and durable oil seal by professional Oil seal manufacturers.



After you have identified the cause of the leak on your car, it only remains to repair it. If this is a problem with a gasket, simply change this item. Ditto if the leak is related to a defective part of the vehicle or to a pipe.

Replacing the equipment should stop the flow. If you feel you have the skills, and you have the right equipment for the replacement, you can do the repairs yourself.

As a precaution, however, it is preferable to turn to a mechanic. Certain procedures may require professional Oil seal manufacturers equipment. In addition, improper repair may aggravate the problem and affect the proper functioning of your vehicle.

After changing the seals or parts, you still have to check that everything is back to normal. To do this, restart the car engine and let it run for a few minutes while it warms up. If no flow is now visible, the leak has been correctly stopped. Once the repair has been made, change the oil.


In order to independently check the condition of the component, it is necessary to inspect the point where the crankshaft exits the cylinder block. It should be dry and clean.

However, if traces of lubricant are found on its surface, this means that the crankshaft oil seal is defective. Sometimes, it is the faults in the crankcase exhaust system that cause this oil leak, which is why it may be useful to inspect it. It is better to communicate with your Oil seal manufacturers.

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The following symptoms indicate the need to diagnose the crankshaft oil seal:
  • Traces of oil in the engine compartment. Sometimes there is a pool of lubricant under the parked vehicle.
  • Increased oil consumption.


Untimely replacement of the oil filter and the oil itself may shorten the service life of the component. This is due to the fact that the continuous use of oil at the installation point of the oil seal leads to the accumulation of abrasive particles of dust and dirt, which scratch the crankshaft seal.

Why to read Oil seal manufacturers user manual?

If you read Oil seal manufacturers manual, you will find the expected age of oil rings. 

Overheating of the engine is also a factor that leads to a reduction in the service life of the oil seal. When the engine overheats, the crankshaft temperature becomes higher than that expected for normal oil seal operation. As a consequence, it deforms and loses its sealing capacity.

If the car is left unused for a long time, the oil seal may dry out. On the other hand, in case of prolonged stay in the open air during the cold season, the oil seal could freeze and harden. In both cases, its seal will be defective and the component will not be able to perform its function correctly.