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O-ring seal, spring energized seals for oil equipment


Sealing ring  series (also known as seals and oil seals) for petroleum machinery,  mining coal mining machinery and petrochemical natural gas equipment. DSH Seals share with you that the main seal products are spring energized seals for pump valves, cylinder seals (cylinder guide strips, cylinder guide rings),  gas cylinder seals (gas cylinder guide strips, . Guide ring), pump head  seal repair kit, rubber O-ring seal for various working conditions,

butterfly valve seal,  fracturing ball, reciprocating oil seal, gas seal, high speed rotary  oil seal, low speed rotary oil seal, high temperature resistant V-type  combination ring , high pressure V-shaped combination ring, sealed milk  packaging food sealing ring, high temperature sealing ring, high  pressure pump valve gasket seal, shield machine sealing strip (oil seal  disassembly tool), cylinder seal repair kit, coal industry seals,  construction machinery industry Breaker nitrogen seal, polyurethane (PU)  seal material connection transmission parts, food grade spring energized seals(modified  PTFE + filled silicone rubber), mud pump seal products (pure imported  material polyurethane urs Glue (PU), purely imported polyurethane grease  of various types of mud pumps, conventional seal products for PU seal  materials, pneumatic pump head piston seals  (new energy), pure imported HNBR seals Part of the material for the  hammer special nitrogen seal, shield tail angle seal (large tunnel  shield machine),

inflatable ring, rubber  cup (for engineering machinery industry), oil exploration mining  industry high pressure double spring energized seal (ultra-low  temperature -196 Degree modified PTFE + special metal spring spring),  spring energized seal for rotating conditions, stainless steel rotary oil seal  for ultra high speed rotation (stainless steel + modified PTFE  material), etc. Let's take a look at the picture below! There are  pictures to directly understand the sealing products of our company.

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