O Ring Company Explains 5 Major Reasons Behind Rubber Seal Failure

O Ring Company Explains 5 Major Reasons Behind Rubber Seal Failure


An Introduction to Industrial Rubber Seals and their Applications

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Keeping an automotive system up and running is a big challenge for an O Ring Company. Because we are so used to seeing them everywhere. It is easy to think that the system works on the basis of commands and simple parts. In fact, it takes great care to keep a vehicle moving. This is the case of the valve retainer, an essential component of motor vehicles.

For those who work in the industry or are part of any link in the vehicle production chain, it is a necessity to learn about the valve retainer.

After all, even if it is small, it performs a task of crucial importance in the integrity and effective continuity of the system. It is one of the most important parts to keep the valve system of a motor vehicle functioning.

Why it is important to work with reliable O Ring Company?

Therefore, it is important to understand O Ring Company seal features and functions. It is important when to change it is essential to keep the vehicle moving and the engine without serious pathologies.

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What is a retainer and where is it found?

As the name suggests, the retainer is a part that retains fluids in the system. In the case of the valve retainer, it prevents the leakage of oils and lubricants and also contamination of the engine.

The valve retainer is a piece of rubber with a metallic core. It serves to strengthen its “embrace” to the valve stems on which it appears. We can also apply it to shaft shanks and other rotating systems.

In fact, it is a common part precisely because O Ring Company uses it in virtually all rotary motion systems, both fixed and dynamic.

What features an O ring carries?

It is a strong piece, in the sense that it can withstand the most varied temperatures and weather of the materials in which it comes into contact.

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However, improper, constant and maintenance-free use can result in damage. In the case of motor vehicles, this is especially common.

In general, the valve retainer is common in the vehicle’s camshaft. It makes up the engine.

Thus, in addition to automotive vehicles such as cars, motorcycles, tractors, trucks, it is possible to find retainers in the most varied systems of:

  • Airplanes
  • ships and
  • also industrial machinery

Valve retainer: essential application in motor vehicles

Well, you already know that the valve retainer is found on the camshafts of vehicles. It turns out that these valves are responsible for the entry and exit of air in the system. It generates combustion and, in turn, dictates the vehicle’s power.

Therefore, they are essential and directly involved in the operation of the vehicle. Similarly, it depends on O Ring Company also. Only a reliable sealing company can manufacture good o rings.

Its two sealing layers (main and auxiliary) make up a kind of shield to the valve control of the vehicle.

What is the major function of O ring? O Ring Company

That is, the main seal has the mission of preventing leaks. In this way, oils and other fluids from the cylinder head do not invade the combustion chamber.

The auxiliary protects against external contamination, such as dirt and debris. If this seal fails, the consequence is to impair the integrity of the valves and the efficiency of the system.

Therefore, in addition to having a specialized supplier such as Dshseals for the valve retainer, also try to pay attention to the installation and extraction of the part.

In the case of motor vehicles, it is a rather delicate process – especially when assembling it. Try to use the tools and follow the correct processes.

What can cause a valve retainer to fail and how to know when to replace it?

In the event that a valve retainer fails, oil may leak into the combustion chamber. This reaction, along with the fuel, generates a burning of the fluid.

Among the clearest signs of this pathology is the dense, dark or bluish smoke expelled as soon as the vehicle is started.

If you have a car, you definitely need an O ring company seals. So, you can see this failure in the valve retainer when starting the vehicle in the morning. As soon as it starts, the first “breath” of smoke expelled is dense and dark, it is very likely that your valve retainer is dry, corroded or ineffective.

If this characteristic persists, the most serious consequence is the depletion of the oil (as it will burn), extinguishing the internal lubricant and fusing the entire engine.

Among other reasons, the valve retainer can wear due to the movement of the valve stem (up and down). It naturally impairs the integrity of the material.

With this repetition and without an adequate and in-depth review, you will have in the system a valve retainer with an increasingly loosened spring. It takes the pressure off the “hug” of the part on the stem. In addition, it is common to see a widening of the valve retainer diameter, which creates breaches for leaks.

Why it is important to understand features of rubber seals for O Ring Company?

Understanding these signals is vital for knowing when to change the valve retainer.


Well, if we talk about motor vehicles, consider that this is not a target part of the dealerships review. This procedure usually focuses on simpler parts of the engine, such as filters, spark plugs, etc.

After all, observing the conditions of the valve retainer requires opening the camshaft – which, operationally, is a much more complicated process.

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Therefore, the exchange should be considered based on the signs already mentioned.

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For companies in the industry that need the valve retainer, especially automakers, trusting the supplier is the first step towards quality delivery. This is because the retainer is a resistant part, but the conditions in which it works contribute to its wear.

Therefore, the better the quality process behind its manufacture, the more confidence you will have in the strength of the part.

This is the commitment that best O Ring Company assumes with its customers and will assume with its company.

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Conclusion: Best O Ring Company

After all, far beyond promises, professional O Ring Company takes care of its customers’ demands. Like? In addition to the cutting-edge factory floor and constantly qualified professionals, the company invests in a technological research center.

Thus, from end to end, meet all your needs regarding sealing elements and special and tailored rubber parts.