Main Factors And Solutions For Oil Seal Leakage | DHS

Main Factors And Solutions For Oil Seal Leakage | DHS


Main factors and solutions for oil seal leakage-2

Main factors causing oil seal leakage


The main reason for oil leakage is that the sealing process is not controlled strictly. When the shaft wears and forms a groove, the contact pressure between sealing lip of oil seals and the shaft will be lowered even if the oil seal is not sealed when being changed, and the interference between the diameter of the oil seal lip and the shaft diameter is too small after installation. Taking the crankshaft oil seal of the diesel engine as an example, the main reasons for its lack of sealing are shown as below:


1. The poor quality of the oil seal;
2. Poor quality of the shaft or bearing;
3. Improper use and maintenance;
4. Incorrect installation;
5. Improper storage mainly affected by environmental pollution.


Countermeasures for oil spill due to the poor oil seal:


1. Master and identify the basic knowledge of counterfeit products, and ensure that purchase standard oil seals.

2. When installing, be sure to use a fine sand cloth or oil stone to smooth it if the outer diameter of the shaft diameter is small or there are rust spots, rust, burrs, etc.;

Apply clean oil or grease at the corresponding position of the oil seal lip or shaft diameter.

Apply sealant to the outer ring of the oil seal, and wrap the key groove on the shaft with hard paper to avoid scratching the lip of the oil seal. Use a special tool to rotate the oil seal inward. Do not break forcibly to prevent the oil seal from deforming, or the spring being pushed out;

if the lip is turned over, the spring is detached, and the oil seal is skewed, the oil seals should be removed and reloaded. It should be noted that when the shaft diameter is not worn and the oil seal spring is strong enough, do not tighten the innerspring without authorization.

3. The oil seal applied to the machine should be carefully inspected and maintained when the working conditions are poor, the temperature difference is large, the dust is too much, and the vibration of the machine is frequently changed.

4. If the shaft diameter and bearing wear are seriously worn out, the oil seal rubber gets aging, or the spring suffers failure, etc., it should repair and replace the corresponding parts in time.

5. For parts or assemblies that are not normally required to be heated, the fault should be eliminated in time to avoid mechanical overload operation and to prevent the temperature of the oil seal lip from rising, the rubber aging, early wearing of the lip, and so on.

6. Always check the oil level of the engine oil. If there are too many Impurities in the oil, the alloy oil should be completely replaced when there are alloy powder or metal iron filings. The oil brand and quality should be changed according to the season requirements. It is recommended to add a seal to the oil.