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KZT - PTFE Wear and Dust Ring Seals

KZT - PTFE Wear and Dust Ring Seals

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KZT is used in combination with piston seals and anti-wear rings. This product is used in combination with anti-wear and piston ring seals to prevent cylinder oil from mixing with foreign particles, resulting in seal damage and a long service life. The piston rod seal is used in combination with a metal bushing to prevent damage to the rod due to the impurity immersion function of the PTFE. It is used to move the piston and rod in the cylinder. It has good guiding effect and can absorb radial force at any time to prevent metal-metal contact in the cylinder and reduce friction. According to your specific requirements, KZT has many materials that can be used for the guide ring.

This product is used in combination with anti-wear and piston rings to prevent cylinder oil mixing. Foreign objects and damage to seals and long seals ervice life. Piston rod seals, used in combination with oil pressure to prevent oil storage pressure.


Material descriptionPTFE filled Bronze, PTFE filled carbon fiber and MoS2, PTFE filled Graphite, PTFE filled PI, and so on.
Available ColorBlack, green, coffee, white, brown, gold and so on
Material StrengthKZT seals display almost universal chemical resistance, no stick-slip effect, aging, wear, and high temperature resistance.
Medium:Mineral oil based hydraulic fluids, barely flammable hydraulic fluids, water, air and others.
Applied deviceExcavators / standard cylinders / Mobile hydraulics / Presses

DSH-Professional Piston Seal Design Hydraulic Cylinder Piston Seals
DSH-Professional Piston Seal Design Hydraulic Cylinder Piston Seals-1
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◆◆ Wear & Dust Ring - KZT

DSH-Professional Piston Seal Design Hydraulic Cylinder Piston Seals-4

 Technical Data
MaterialPressure Pr:  N/mm2(Max)TemperatureSliding speedMedium
PTFE15 @ 25℃
12 @ 80℃
8 @ 120℃
-55…+220 ℃≤1.5 m/sMinderal oil based hydraulic fluids, barely flammable hydraulic fluids,water,air and others.
Type of cut

DSH-Professional Piston Seal Design Hydraulic Cylinder Piston Seals-5

The Angle Cut is the most frequently used standard type of cut. Rings withStraight Cut are available on request.
 Slot on hatch
With slot or without slot are providable.
Order Example for standard version:
 D=100 mm,  d=92 mm, h=6 mm
 Bore diameter D=100 mm, Groove diameter d=92 mm, product Width h=6 mm;
Order Code:   KZT 100*92*6
Installation Dimension table based on Metric Size(mm)
 D H9 d -0.2L +0.2H
Order Data
Order NumberDdHh
Order NumberDdHh
KZT 20*14*520145.25KZT 85*77*14.885771514.8
KZT 25*19*525195.25KZT 85*80*9.585809.79.5
KZT 30*24*530245.25KZT 85*80*14.885801514.8
KZT 31.5*25.5*531.525.55.25KZT 90*82*690826.26
KZT 32*26*532265.25KZT 90*82*14.890821514.8
KZT 35*29*535295.25KZT 90*85*9.590859.79.5
KZT 35.5*29.5*535.529.55.25KZT 90*85*14.890851514.8
KZT 40*34*540345.25KZT 95*87*695876.26
KZT 45*39*545395.25KZT 95*87*14.895871514.8
KZT 50*44*550445.25KZT 95*90*9.595909.79.5
KZT 53*47*553475.25KZT 95*90*14.895901514.8
KZT 55*49*555495.25KZT 100*92*6100926.26
KZT 56*50*556505.25KZT 100*92*7.91009287.9
KZT 60*54*560545.25KZT 100*92*9.5100929.79.5
KZT 63*55*663556.26KZT 100*92*14.8100921514.8
KZT 65*57*665576.26KZT 100*95*9.5100959.79.5
KZT 70*62*670626.26KZT 100*95*14.8100951514.8
KZT 70*65*14.870651514.8KZT 105*97*6105976.26
KZT 71*63*671636.26KZT 105*97*7.91059787.9
KZT 75*67*675676.26KZT 105*97*9.5105979.79.5
KZT 75*70*14.875701514.8KZT 105*97*14.8105971514.8
KZT 80*72*680726.26KZT 105*100*14.81051001514.8
KZT 80*72*14.880721514.8KZT 110*102*61101026.26
KZT 80*75*9.580759.79.5KZT 110*102*7.911010287.9
KZT 80*75*14.880751514.8KZT 110*102*9.51101029.79.5
KZT 85*77*685776.26KZT 110*102*14.81101021514.8
KZT 110*105*14.81101051514.8KZT 155*147*7.915514787.9
KZT 112*104*61121046.26KZT 155*147*9.51551479.79.5
KZT 115*107*61151076.26KZT 160*152*61601526.26
KZT 115*107*7.911510787.9KZT 160*152*7.916015287.9
KZT 115*107*9.51151079.79.5KZT 160*152*9.51601529.79.5
KZT 115*1.7*14.81151071514.8KZT 165*157*61651576.26
KZT 115*110*14.81151101514.8KZT 165*157*7.916515787.9
KZT 120*112*61201126.26KZT 165*157*9.51651579.79.5
KZT 120*112*7.912011287.9KZT 170*162*7.91701626.26
KZT 120*112*9.51201129.79.5KZT 170*162*817016287.9
KZT 120*112*14.81201121514.8KZT 170*162*9.51701629.49.5
KZT 120*115*14.81201151514.8KZT 175*167*9.51751679.79.5
KZT 125*117*61251176.26KZT 180*172*7.918017287.9
KZT 125*117*7.912511787.9KZT 180*172*81801728.28
KZT 125*117*9.51251179.79.5KZT 180*172*9.51801729.79.5
KZT 125*117*14.81251171514.8KZT 185*177*9.51851779.79.5
KZT 125*120*14.81251201514.8KZT 190*182*7.919018287.9
KZT 130*122*61301226.26KZT 190*182*81901828.28
KZT 130*122*7.913012287.9KZT 190*182*9.51901829.79.5
KZT 130*122*9.51301229.79.5KZT 200*192*82001928.28
KZT 130*122*14.81301221514.8KZT 210*202*82102028.28
KZT 130*125*14.81301251514.8KZT 220*212*82202128.28
KZT 135*127*61351276.26KZT 224*216*82242168.28
KZT 135*127*7.913512787.9KZT 230*222*82302228.28
KZT 135*127*9.51351279.79.5KZT 240*232*82402328.28
KZT 135*127*14.81351271514.8KZT 250*242*82502428.28
KZT 140*132*61401326.26KZT 260*252*82602528.28
KZT 140*132*7.914013287.9KZT 270*262*82702628.28
KZT 140*132*9.51401329.79.5KZT 280*272*82802728.28
KZT 145*137*61451326.26KZT 290*282*82902828.28
KZT 145*137*7.914513787.9KZT 300*292*83002928.28
KZT 145*137*9.51451379.79.5KZT 310*302*83103028.28
KZT 150*142*61501426.26KZT 320*312*83203128.28
KZT 150*142*7.915014287.9KZT 340*332*83403328.28
KZT 150*142*79.51501429.79.5KZT 350*342*83503428.28
KZT 155*147*61551476.26KZT 360*352*83603528.28
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