What is the difference between imported o-rings and domestic o ring suppliers? 

What is the difference between imported o-rings and domestic o ring suppliers? 


What types of damage can occur on an O-ring?

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What is the difference between imported o-rings and domestic o ring suppliers?

This is a question often asked by many customers. The imported o ring suppliers belong to:

  • Germany
  • United States
  • Japan
  • Italy
  • and Taiwan.

Among them, the O-rings made in Germany and Japan have the highest prices. The more well-known O-ring brands are American Parker, German COG, and German KGM. Japan’s NOK, Italy’s DUCI, Taiwan’s WKF, etc.

So why are the prices of these brands many times higher than the prices of domestic O-rings? Where does their premium space come from? In the final analysis, the most important thing is the gap in product quality.

For example, American O-rings, German O-rings, Japanese NOK rings, Italian O-rings, and Taiwan O-rings basically have their own formula R&D teams in terms of raw materials.

There is also a very authoritative test platform for product testing, so imported O-rings are absolutely OK in terms of product quality. These well-known o ring suppliers fluoro collagen adhesives are generally purchased from world-renowned fluoro rubber raw material suppliers.

What is o ring suppliers cost?

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In terms of workmanship of O-ring products, the mold cost of general world-renowned brand o ring suppliers is also many times higher than that of domestic O-rings. Therefore, imported O-rings are more expensive than domestic O-rings in terms of tolerance and appearance. The circle is better.

In terms of raw materials for O-ring products, most of the world-renowned brands of O-ring original rubber are from world-renowned brands. And many domestic O-ring original rubbers are produced by purchasing domestic factories.

The effectiveness of o ring suppliers volcanized rubber

The effectiveness of vulcanized rubber O-rings should be better understood than everyone else. O-rings are used in hydro pneumatic system software and various industrial equipment and electronic devices.

  • At the required working pressure
  • temperature
  • and Among the different liquid and
  • vapor materials

It has a sealing effect when it is stationary or in fitness. This kind of o ring suppliers should have a good grasp of everything. But do you understand how to make the O-rings fully exert their effects?

First of all, o ring suppliers should understand that O-rings are usually not reusable many times. Secondly, when O-rings are installed in the pipe groove, pay attention to the need to distort the O-rings. And consider that the pipe groove Apply sealing material to the O-ring.

Also, it is better not to open the original packaging of the O-ring when the vulcanized rubber O-ring is not in use. To prevent the dust from adhering to the O-ring or infiltrating dirt will cause the O-ring to be damaged.

If the O-ring is to be stored, it should be minimized by sun exposure or placed around a high-temperature pyrogen. Such as a heating furnace to prevent early embrittlement of the O-ring.

It must be very clear to o ring suppliers that the O-ring seals may sometimes fade when stored. That is, the surface of the O-ring seal causes frost. But everyone need not worry.  Subsequently, this situation is not easy to affect the O-ring seal Cause a negative impact.

Vulcanized rubber O-ring storage standard

O-rings are exposed to various environmental factors. Such as:

  • distortion
  • co2
  • active oxygen
  • sunlight
  • pyrogens
  • wet cooling
  • refined oil
  • or organic chemicals
  • organic solvents, etc.

O-rings will be invalidated by changes in its physical properties. In the DIN7716, ISO2230, DIN9088 and other specifications, the basic requirements for the storage, cleaning, and maintenance of rubber products are dried.

How can o ring suppliers protect hydraulic seals in warehouse?

  1. Temperature:5-25℃is the ideal storage temperature. Should prevent contact with pyrogens and sunlight. The hydraulic seal removed from the ultra-low temperature storage condition should be placed in a natural environment at 20°C before being applied.
  2. Ambient humidity:The air humidity of the warehouse should be below 70% to prevent excessive dampness. Ando ring suppliers make it sure that there should be no suspicion.
  3. Sunlight:To prevent natural light and strong artificial light source with ultraviolet light. Moreover, sunscreen packaging bags can show better maintenance. It is proposed to apply bright red or orange architectural paint on the warehouse windows.
  4. Radiation source:prevent the electromagnetic wave radiation from damaging the hydraulic seals.
  5. Oxygen and active oxygen:o ring suppliers should protect the elastomer material from exposure to fluidity in the circulation system. This purpose can be maintained according to:
  • Packaging
  • coiling, and
  • storagein airtight vessels or other suitable ways.

Activated oxygen is harmful to most polyurethane elastomers. In the warehouse, there is no machine equipment:

  • mercury vapor lamps
  • high-voltage electrical machinery equipment
  • motors and other machinery equipment.
  1. Deformation:Rubber products should be placed in random conditions as far as possible to prevent pulling, shrinking or other deformations.
  2. Touch with liquid or semi-solid raw materials:Do not touch organic solvents, oil, grease or other semi-solid raw materials.

8. Touching with metal materials or non-metallic materials:

It is not allowed to touch permanent magnetic materials:

  • pig iron
  • copper and
  • aluminum alloys,
  • or raw materials that will destroy vulcanized rubber.

Do not use PVC raw materials to pack hydraulic seals. Hydraulic seals of different raw materials cannot be mixed.

  1. Cleaning:According to the necessity, o ring suppliers can use soap and water to clean the hydraulic seals. But water cannot touch chemical fiber to improve:
  • hydraulic seals
  • vulcanized rubber metal material bonding hydraulic seals
  • AU raw material hydraulic seals.

Disinfectants, solvents and special tools with sharp edges are not applicable. Moreover, the cleaned hydraulic seals should be dried at room temperature, not close to the heat source.

Hardness testing of o ring suppliers

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The hardness of the material is a decisive criterion for the functionality of a seal. Among other things, O o ring suppliers are characterized by the fact that they deform under pressure and thus close gaps. Through which water or other liquids could otherwise penetrate.

Too great an elasticity is not good, because then the gap extrusion threatens.

The concrete part must not deviate from the necessary hardness determined for a seal by more than ± 5 hardness points. This is guaranteed by the laser-controlled hardness test according to IRHD.

Fluctuations in the dimensions of O-rings

Dimensional fluctuations in O-rings are only partly due to manufacturing. One of the possible causes is tool temperature fluctuations during the vulcanization process.

Deviations in the shrinkage behavior of the rubber and other components of the material mixture also cause fluctuations in the dimensions. Similarly, both tool offset and too much or too little deburring influence the line thickness.

Only reliable o ring suppliers cross-section provides precise information about this. This applies to the cord diameter as well as the inner diameter.

What types of damage can occur on an O-ring?


As long as O-rings are fully functional, they are hardly perceived as a sealing element. However, this changes in the event of a defect. Because economic damage in the tens or hundreds of millions is usually the result.

Damaged O-rings lead to costly downtimes of machines and vehicles. They can trigger recalls or cause serious environmental damage. That is why, o ring suppliers need to focus a lot on manufacturing these seals.

These examples of direct and indirect consequential damage make it clear what role the quality factor plays in these seals. Whose unit price is only a few cents? Of course, the right choice of material is also one of many prerequisites for a low risk of damage.

But what damage can o-rings occur? It is not always easy to determine the exact cause of a failure. However, there are certain damage patterns that leave characteristic traces. And thus, also offer an opportunity for interpretation.