[II]High pressure piston hydraulic seal?

by:DSH     2019-06-07

The selection of high pressure piston hydraulic seals for motion depends on the size of the thousand elements and the application occasions involved, especially the conditions of use in which the seals will work and continue to work.For example, a relatively simple seal mounted in a hydraulic cylinder, at up to 50 bar (50001b/in2)The pressure can provide sufficient performance, but in the liquid cylinder for heavy industrial use where the working conditions may change and be unfavorable, for much lower pressure, that is, it may fail or be unsuitable.In addition, the running-in speed and the surface gloss (And maintain enough surface finish)The working temperature and compatibility may also be constituted.Individual considerations may be required for each specific occasion.

-Generally speaking, for high-pressure dynamic seals, a pressure-loaded seal provides better performance and efficiency.The higher the pressure, the less flexible the seal is required.Similarly, the higher the pressure, the seal section must of course be 'harder' to prevent excessive deformation or even extrusion.

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[II]High pressure piston hydraulic seal?

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