Hydraulic seals manufacturers tell top reasons of seal working pressure disorder

Hydraulic seals manufacturers tell top reasons of seal working pressure disorder


Hydraulic seals manufacturers tell Causes and solutions of common problems of hydraulic breakers


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According to top hydraulic seals manufacturers, 10-15% of all damage to seals is due to overheating. Accordingly, maintenance personnel often come across polymers that have become unusable due to excessive temperatures. Moreover, many seals are made of polymers.

In contrast to metals, this material has much lower operating temperatures. This is particularly evident in the case of classic natural rubber. Which should not be exposed to temperatures above 70 ° during continuous use.

Why do hydraulic seals manufacturers Use hydraulic seals?

hydraulic seals manufacturers use hydraulic seals in modern industry. Similarly, seals are used in specialized vehicles and equipment. Such as:

  • mining
  • agricultural machinery
  • mining equipment and
  • other specialized equipment.

What are some applications of hydraulic seals?

Hydraulic seals are used to seal hydraulic and pneumatic devices. Furthermore, rubber seals allow you to increase the life of the equipment. Similarly, it ensures its optimal operation. Simultaneously, they are also known as “Collars”. And operate under reciprocating conditions.

What is the most popular material in hydraulic seals?

At the moment, polyurethane is considered the most popular material in the manufacture of hydraulic seals. Depending on operating conditions, seals made of rubber compounds are also widely used.

Why do hydraulic seals manufacturers recommend modern seals?

Commonly, seals are very important components. In addition, it ensures the reliable operation of hydraulic equipment and systems.

Advanced Seal Technology

This is the result of many years of development and field testing. Which hydraulic seals manufacturers carried out in various fields of mechanical engineering. Generally, hydraulic seal systems have a wide range of applications.

From construction equipment that works in the most difficult conditions to any industrial water systems. You will find thee seals in every department.

​What are the most common problems in hydraulic seals?

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In daily sealing systems, we always encounter the problems of hydraulic seals. Professional hydraulic seals manufacturers tell you what are the most common sealing problems of hydraulic seals?

First, we need to know what hydraulic seals are? What is a hydraulic seal? Hydraulic seal is a lip-type sealing element. Generally, hydraulic seals have a good sealing effect.

Among the common hydraulic cylinder seals, what is a qualified hydraulic seal?
  1. The material is dense to prevent leakage.
  2. Similarly, it has good adaptability and stability to the working medium.
  3. It has appropriate mechanical strength and hardness.
  4. Good compressibility,
  5. Good temperature adaptability
  6. Moreover, small friction coefficient, good wear resistance.
  7. Good corrosion resistance
  8. In addition, it has good flexibility
  9. It has long service life
  10. Hydraulic seals have good processing performance and low price.

Hydraulic seals manufacturers tell Common problems of hydraulic pump maintenance

  1. Leaked classification

Generally, there are two types of leaks:

  1. category leaks and
  2. external leaks.

According to the level of leakage, there are several expressions explained by hydraulic seals manufacturers. Such as:

  • oil slick scraping
  • water leakage
  • leakage and spray leakage.

Generally, Oil slick leakage occurs in the middle of the relative speed position. Such as:

  • the drag pair of the rotating body
  • repeated movements
    The damage of oil leakage


Exposure leads to air pollution at work. Which damages the environment. Simultaneously, internal leakage leads to several common failures. Such as:

  • Temperature
  • high efficiency
  • Moreover, inability to raise pressure during work
  • system software weakness
  • and slow exercise rate.

What are the reasons of oil leakage?

According to hydraulic seals manufacturers observation, the quality of the hydraulic seals is not very good. Furthermore, the assembly line is damaged due to errors.  Furthermore, the application time is long.

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Moreover, the brittleness and mildew. And the mutual exclusion with the materials at work cause the sealing effect.

  • The oil temperature is too high
  • Working pressure is too high
  • The design scheme of the sealing position specification is wrong

It is possible for hydraulic seals manufacturers to find out the basic symptomatic treatment for leaks. Similarly, they can adopt countermeasures.

How do hydraulic seals manufacturers maintain working pressure of seals?

The working pressure is one of the two most basic main parameters of the hydraulic transmission system. This common fault is mainly manifested as. When the working pressure of the hydraulic transmission system is adjusted well.  In short, there is an adjustment failure.

     The harm of working pressure disorder

(1) generally, the components are not in posture. And they can get rid of the load and work.

(2) The hydraulic transmission system cannot maintain the proper working circulation system

hydraulic seals manufacturers say some valves operated by working pressure cannot work.

Such as:

  • hydraulic control valve
  • hydraulic directional valve
  • one-way throttle valve
  • hydraulic valve
  • similarly,pressure controller,

   hydraulic seals manufacturers tell top reasons of seal working pressure disorder

  • No total flow output
  • insufficient output total flow due to hydraulic oil pump.
  • hydraulic oil pump error.
  • similarly, no working pressure oil outpu
  • rated power of the motor is too low.

    causing deformation of special-shaped silicone hydraulic seals:

1. Temperature affects the permanent deformation of the silicone seal ring.

2. The compression rate and the amount of stretching affect the permanent deformation.

Hydraulic seals manufacturers use the vulcanized rubber of various compounding methods. Commonly in the production of silicone seal rings. Therefore, the pressure of the working substance causes the permanent deformation of the silicone seal ring.

Generally, this is the main factor that causes the permanent deformation of the silicone seal ring. The pressure of contemporary hydraulic machinery is increasing day by day. Moreover, a period of high pressure can cause permanent deformation of the silicone seal ring.

Common failure problems and solutions of shield hydraulic seals

The hydraulic sealing ring and the hydraulic cylinder sealing ring are the same kind of seals in the mechanical system.

Hydraulic seals manufacturers tell you that the failures of hydraulic cylinders come from the wear and tear of the cylinder. And slowly form one after another scratches. Moreover, the degree of wear is also irregular and uneven.


hydraulic seals manufacturers tell Causes and solutions of common problems of hydraulic breakers

Here are Various problems hydraulic seals manufacturers encounter during the use of hydraulic breakers. Generally, common failures are:

  • poor continuity
  • reduced impact force and
  • insufficient impact frequency, etc.

So, what are the causes? What is the solution?
  1. Poor continuity   

The reason for the poor continuity of the breaker is generally the failure of the oil circuit. When the oil circuit is blocked, the high-pressure oil will be abnormal. And its continuity will become worse. In addition, when the drill rod of the hydraulic breaker is stuck. Moreover, it will also cause its instability.

Hydraulic seals manufacturers suggest Solution.

First check the hydraulic breaker oil circuit. Subsequently, clean the clogged part. And secondly check the oil circuit for misalignment.

  Second, the impact force drops

  • oil leaks
  • insufficient control bolt travel
  • blocked oil paths, and
  • excessively high oil temperature

will cause a reduction in impact force.

1. On the basis of determining the cause of the insufficient impact force of the hydraulic breaker. Carry out a comprehensive inspection. And thorough repair of the hydraulic and power systems.
2. Starting from the oil circuit inspection. Check and repair the breaker oil pipeline. Moreover, Replace the valves and pistons that have problems. And clean or replace the contaminated parts in time.
3. In addition, hydraulic seals manufacturers must pay attention to the inspection of the cooling system of the hammer.

Insufficient impact frequency
The pressure or flow of the hydraulic system is insufficient. Subsequently, the drill rod is loose. Hydraulic seal is worn. The hydraulic grease is contaminated. And the hydraulic breaker safety valve fails.
1. First check the hydraulic pump of the hydraulic breaker.  Adjust the oil pressure and flow rate that are too high or too low.
2. Similarly, hydraulic seals manufacturers should check the breaker oil circuit to avoid the blockage of the pipeline