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Hydraulic seal Industry | Technology Development | DHS


Sealing Industry Has Witnessed a Sound Technology Development and Keeps a Good Momentum

In recent years, the technology importation, technology transformation, and scientific research and development, etc. of the hydraulic seal industry have been worked as impetus to promote the rapid industry development. China’s industries including agriculture, water conservancy, energy, transportation and so on have experienced a relatively rapid development. To meet the needs of the development, a large amount of mechanical equipment are needed. With the level of the industrialization and automation increased, the equipment should be equipped with a large quantity of high-performance and high-reliability hydraulics pneumatics and seals components.

In terms of the overall constitution of the sealing industry, the situation of tripartite confrontation with state-owned enterprises, private enterprises, and foreign-funded enterprises has formed and each of their output values basically accounts for one-third of the total values. State-owned enterprises are speeding up efforts to reform, a lot of private enterprises are also rapidly emerging, a growing number of foreign-owned enterprises are entering into the domestic market, and world-famous companies are basically engaged in joint venture, sole-proprietorship, and sales business, all of which show the shift changes in the manufacturing industry. As for the technology level, state-owned enterprises mainly import and independently develop the technology of 1980s to produce mid-range products while the private enterprises produce medium and low-end products. With the rapid accumulation of the capital, the enterprises take the advantages of domestic technology and absorb experienced elites. Thanks to that, the technology has made great progresses and the quality, variety of the products and service quality have also gained more competitiveness. As for the foreign-funded enterprises, they have the same level of technology as that of the foreign countries to produce mid-and high-end products. They can provide ancillary facilities of the high-end products and major projects for domestic joint ventures and wholly-owned enterprises.

With the rapid development of China’s economy, there is a growing number of mechanical equipment using hydraulic and pneumatic to achieve the transmission and control, which results in a higher demand on the sealing technology. Our hydrodynamic product market has experienced a rapid development and ranked high behind the American, European, and Japanese markets. Our imports are increasing as well and our market has great prospects of development.

The future market is facing significant growth potential. As the level of industrialization and automation increased, the mechanical equipment are required to be equipped with a large number of high-performance and high-reliability hydraulics pneumatics & seals components. Besides those projects of the century including Three Gorges Dam Project, South-North Water Transfer, West-East Natural Gas Transmission Project, West-East Electricity Transmission Project, and Qinghai-Tibet Railway Project, there are also a large number of key projects such as large-scale coal mines, oil fields, open-pit iron mines, power stations, airports, ports, high-speed railways, high-grade highways, and so on. Plenty of urban and residential constructions are also included. With these increased projects, the loading and unloading workload of the earth works will also be on the increase. In addition, the development in the modern logistics and the utilization of the new process, new technology, and new materials also help the demand for domestic construction machinery maintain a growth in the long run. The products mentioned above are required to adopt plenty of high-pressure piston pumps, high-pressure gear pumps, high-torque motors, wheel motors, multitandem valves, cylinders, pipe fittings, pipe assemblies and oil filters, etc. Therefore, the market of the hydraulics and seals applied for supporting and maintaining engineering machinery will embrace a great development in the new period. The hydraulic products are mainly used in the engineering machinery, the sales of which accounts for 42.3% in the industry and will continue to grow in the future. Hence, the development trend of the engineering machine is crucial. What’s more, the annual imports of the hydraulic components used in the excavators, road machinery and cement mixers produced by domestic enterprises reache more than 150 million US dollars. In short, the market of hydraulics and seals used for supporting and maintaining engineering machinery will embrace a great development in the new era.