Hydraulic O Ring Suppliers: Difference between black and green Hydraulic O-rings

Hydraulic O Ring Suppliers: Difference between black and green Hydraulic O-rings


Working principles of Rubber Oil Seals

Hydraulic O-rings are actually secret heroes in any application. They are highly advantageous objects that tightly seal connections in any equipment by forcing a rubber seal into a channel. You can easily get these useful rings from hydraulic O-rings suppliers.

Further, these suppliers are able to provide you all your orders on time without any hassle. But if you have not enough knowledge about these seals, we are here to describe them to you in detail.

We hope that after reading this helpful guide, you will get all the essential information about hydraulic O-rings. Moreover, why are hydraulic O-rings different colors? Their pros and cons and many more about their working principles. So, let’s find out!

Hydraulic O Ring Suppliers

What are Hydraulic O-rings?

Hydraulic O-rings are highly useful as well as are essential to use in almost all applications. Manufacturers use these rings to block a path that allows gas or a liquid to escape. They place these rings inside a groove to tight them in place then they compress them between two surfaces.

Hence, these hydraulic O-rings help to apply hydraulic or mechanical pressure to prevent the clearance of less viscous material. The hydraulic O-rings suppliers are increasingly supplying these rings to all the industries.

In fact, these rings are extremely cheap and very easy to maintain and replace inside any application. But it is very important for any manufacturer to choose the perfect hydraulic seal. If they will not properly select or care for them, these rings can cause serious problems for any application.

Why Hydraulic O-rings are have different colors?

Basically, hydraulic O-rings have designed in several different colors. There is no special mean to these colors as these colors are only added to distinguish them easily. Moreover, customers like different colors to use in their products to just improving their visibility.

So, you can easily get these hydraulic O-rings from hydraulic O-rings suppliers in which color you want. These colors simply can add colorful beauty to look better in your bare applications.

Moreover, there are lots of colors in hydraulic O-rings that help to distinguish one material from the other. Generally, With PTFE coating, you can easily get more than 20 different color options in hydraulic O-rings.

Do hydraulic O-rings come in colors other than brown and black?

It is a fact that hydraulic O-rings usually come in black and brown. But rust and green colors are also very common in hydraulic O-rings. Moreover, using different colors manufacturers can easily reduce the material’s compression as well as can set resistance or physical properties.

These different colors are just for special identification purposes at the request of several customers. In fact, they help manufacturers to easily identify their different inventory.

Further, these colors are ideal to use in several industries like aerospace for special purposes.

Difference between black Hydraulic O-rings and green Hydraulic O-rings

The hydraulic O-rings suppliers provide you all these colors for your unique purposes. Basically, black O-rings are NBR (nitrile) or neoprene rubber. Moreover, these rings are ideal to use in auto air conditioning.

The hydraulic O-rings having green color are hydrogenated nitrile rubber. You can also call them Hydrogenated Nitrile. Moreover, green hydraulic O-rings were actually developed to use for refrigerants.

What colors are Viton O-rings?

Viton hydraulic O-rings have usually designed in black colors. but the latest seals, gaskets, and O-rings are also in black FKM or green FKM. Moreover, these O-rings have a green mark on the outer edge.

These Viton hydraulic O-rings are ideal to use safely in SCUBA diving’s gas blends.

Where and why are hydraulic O-rings used?

The hydraulic O-rings provided by hydraulic O-rings suppliers are endlessly useful. Additionally, you can see their uses in your cars to kitchen appliances. Moreover, these rings are quite little doughnut-shaped components.

Actually, it will be right to say these rings as one of the biggest revolutions in mechanical engineering. These small and invisible parts generally allow us to make newer developments in modern machinery.

Further, they also allow us to develop safer and better outputs that are risk-free to use in any working environment. These hydraulic rings have incredible features that help to make them vital parts to use in several precision-engineered appliances. In fact, they are the most reliable and economical methods for creating a strong seal possible.

Popular reasons to use hydraulic O-rings provided by Hydraulic O-rings suppliers

There are many popular reasons to use hydraulic O-rings provided by hydraulic O-rings suppliers. One of the most common reasons is there a wide range of materials used to design these rings.

The manufacturers of hydraulic O-rings commonly make use of elastomers. Basically, these elastomers are a special type of elastic polymer. Furthermore, there is a wide range of variety of such elastomers.

Each elastomer has its own special weaknesses, strengths as well as tolerances. You can easily choose the hydraulic O-rings of the material that ideally suits your application.

Some examples of popular materials of hydraulic 0-rings

Here are some examples of popular materials of hydraulic 0-rings according to different conditions. These are:

Chemical compatibility:

Viton O-rings that are also popular as FPM or FKM are ideally resistant to several different chemicals. Moreover, these are also the best choice to use at high temperatures. You can get them some reliable hydraulic O-rings suppliers.

Low and high temperatures:

Basically, fluorosilicone and silicone can tolerate the temperature as low as -100°C. Furthermore, for extremely high temperatures, you can use FFKM rings as they can work at up to 316°C.

Hot water and steam:

EPDM type O-rings are greatly resistant to hot water and steam. Additionally, they are better resistant to,

  • strong alkalis
  • alcohol
  • and fluids that have been found in automotive applications.
Hydraulic fluids and grease:

Buna-N hydraulic O-rings are popular to use as nitrile O-rings. They are perfect choices to use in those applications where there is hydraulic fluid around or a lot of greases.

What is the best hydraulic O-ring material?

You can easily obtain hydraulic O-rings from hydraulic O-rings suppliers in many materials. They are very common to use in several different industries. Moreover, they come in a wide range of materials, but to choose the perfect material is actually very tricky.

You should have complete knowledge about all materials as well as full awareness about the needs of your applications. Hence, the most common materials are:

  1. Viton O-rings
  2. Neoprene O-rings
  3. Nitrile (Buna-N) O-rings
  4. PTFE O-rings
  5. Silicone O-rings
  6. Polyurethane O-rings.

What are the pros and cons of hydraulic O-rings?

The hydraulic O-rings are ideally used in the aerospace industry because they are high-performance elastomers. Moreover, they are also a perfect choice to use in fluid and chemical as well as automotive industries.

But hydraulic O-rings suppliers also explain that there are also some pros and cons to using these O-rings. Such as,


  • Hydraulic O-rings have ideal compatibility against many gases and fluids
  • These are highly resistant to oil, solvent, tear, and abrasive
  • These rings can give the best performance and also has a lower probability to catch fire
  • They are last longer even in extreme environments.


  • These rings are actually incompatible with organic acids, amines, and many more
  • Hydraulic O-rings are usually not ideal for every application
  • They can become inflexible and hard in some conditions.Hydraulic O Ring Suppliers 2021


Hydraulic O-rings suppliers also describe to us that O-rings are playing a special role in sealing machinery. Moreover, they are also an ideal choice to use in air conditioning systems. In such applications, these rings help to avoid loss of lubrication because it can greatly affect system performance.

But to choose the right material of O-rings for your application is necessary. In fact, the only right selection will help in your application need.