How does rotating mechanical seal replace packing seal?

by:DSH     2019-06-10

How does rotating mechanical seal replace packing seal? Packing sealing is a combination of a variety of sealing materials, so that the liquid leakage from the liquid pump housing continues to decrease along the main shaft. In addition, the Dongsheng seal tells you that the mechanical seal is the principle of using two planes to rub each other. the mechanical seal is used to improve the leakage and leakage prevention to achieve the actual sealing purpose.

Due to the relationship between environmental problems, the method of using filler seals has gradually not been accepted by people, especially for the more common and corrosive liquids in modern process processes. Therefore, in practical applications, there are more and more cases of replacing packing seals with mechanical seals. The seal between the rotating surface and the stationary surface is the mechanical seal that determines the key factors of the sealing performance. the rotating sealing surface is installed on the main shaft of the liquid pump, while the sealing surface of the fixed seal is installed in the sealing pressure cover. The seal because one sealing surface is moving, and the other sealing surface is stationary, so this kind of seal is called a dynamic seal. It can be seen that there are four aspects of the phenomenon of leakage?

1. the passage between the sealing surface;

2. the path between the rotating surface and the spindle;

3. the passage between the fixed surface and the pressure cover;

4. the passage between the gland and the packing box;

Generally adapt to the use of O-type rubber sealing ring.

In the normal operation of the liquid pump, the pressure generated by the liquid in the packing box between the rotating surface and the stationary surface keeps it in a sealed state, when starting and stopping, the pressure of the packing box is maintained by the pressure generated by the spring (and can even be replaced by the pressure of the spring ). The design of most mechanical seals uses softer materials to make rotating surfaces, so that they can use carbon materials or harder materials as rotating surfaces to make them run on the stationary surface. No matter what material is used, in short, a layer of liquid film must be maintained between the contact surfaces to serve as lubrication.

How does rotating mechanical seal replace packing seal?

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