Friction causes the lip sealing ring to be deformed

by:DSH     2019-06-10

Common Hydraulic equipment sealing elements work, often because of the large amount of friction temperature caused by Operation, affecting the deformation state of the lip sealing ring specifications, resulting in sealing failure. In the operation of the dynamic seal, the friction and wear force are the important reasons for the failure and damage of the lip seal ring. There are several suggestions for Dongsheng seal manufacturers below:

First, because the degree of wear is determined by the size of friction, the friction effect of the lip seal ring depends on the amount of pre-compression, so it is necessary to control the working pressure and reduce the friction force.

Two, due to the increase of friction, a large amount of friction heat occurs between the rotating or reciprocating shaft and the lip sealing ring. the friction heat will cause the aging failure of the rubber material, we want to choose a sealing material with high temperature resistance, aging resistance and friction resistance.

Friction causes the lip sealing ring to be deformed forever?

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