Foreign Trade Delegation Visit DSH Seals

Foreign Trade Delegation Visit DSH Seals


DSH-Foreign Trade Delegation Visit Dsh Seals, Guangdong Dsh Seals Technology Co

DSH Seals Hosts Construction Machinery Delegation from Malaysia, Strengthens Cooperation with Local Producers and Distributors.

On August 3, 2018, DSH Seals, a leading manufacturer of seals and gaskets based in China, welcomed a foreign trade delegation of the construction machinery market from Malaysia. As China’s largest trading partner, Malaysia is an important market for DSH Seals, and the visit aimed to deepen mutual understanding and explore opportunities for cooperation with local producers and distributors.

Led by General Manager Mr. Hu, the Malaysian delegation was given a tour around DSH Seals’ production workshop, where they were shown the company’s advanced manufacturing technologies, rigorous quality control system, and innovative research and development capabilities. The VIPs of the delegation were impressed by the meticulous and standardized management of DSH Seals, as well as the orderly and efficient working environment, which reflected the company’s commitment to excellence and customer satisfaction.

During the visit, both parties engaged in productive discussions on the prospects for cooperation and new opportunities for development. Recognizing the importance of building long-term partnerships based on mutual benefit and win-win outcomes, DSH Seals and the Malaysian delegation reached a consensus to strengthen cooperation in areas such as product innovation, marketing, and distribution.

What’s more, the signing and closing of the agreement were reached on the spot, underscoring the commitment of both sides to deepening their collaboration and contributing to the growth and prosperity of the construction machinery market. With its world-class products and services, as well as its deeply rooted corporate culture, it looks forward to forging closer ties with its partners in Malaysia and beyond.


Overall, this updated version emphasizes the key takeaways from the visit, such as DSH Seals’ strengths in manufacturing, quality control, and customer service, as well as the concrete outcomes of the visit, such as the signing of an agreement and the establishment of a consensus for cooperation. It also positions Our company as a reliable and innovative partner, capable of meeting the evolving needs of the construction machinery market in Malaysia and beyond.