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Five factors that affect the composition of the

Five factors that affect the composition of the
by:DSH     2019-06-10

What is the combination of rubber (seal material )? The bonding rubber is caused by the adsorption of carbon black on the surface of rubber, so any factor affecting this adsorption will affect the production of the bonding rubber seal material, today, Dongsheng seal tells you which factors affect the composition of the rubber seal material.

First, the impact of rubber properties

The amount of binding glue is related to the unsaturation and molecular weight of the rubber seal material. the rubber with high degree of unsaturated and high molecular weight produces more binding glue.

Two, the impact of aging time

The rubber seal material increases with the parking time after mixing, and the amount of bonding glue increases, which tends to be balanced after about a week. Because the adsorption of solid carbon black on solid rubber molecules is not as easy as the adsorption of gas or small molecules by solid fillers, it also takes a certain amount of time because the chemical adsorption part is slow.

Third, the influence of mixing number of thin connections

The rubber seal material is a substance that can easily produce oxidation and degradation. the chain part of those large molecular chains that only have one or two points of adsorption may exist outside the glass layer and the sub-glass layer. When the molecular chain of this part of the rubber seal is thin, the mechanical breaking chain and oxidation breaking chain will also be generated, which will easily reduce the amount of bonding glue.

IV. Influence of specific surface area of carbon black

The combined rubber seal material is almost proportional to the specific surface area of carbon black. With the increase of the specific surface area of carbon black, the adsorption surface area increases and the adsorption capacity increases, that is, the binding rubber increases.

V. Influence of temperature

The rubber style of the mixed seal is placed at different temperatures for a certain period of time. With the increase of working condition temperature, that is, the adsorption temperature is increased, and the amount of rubber is increased. this phenomenon is consistent with the general adsorption law. The effect of mixing temperature on the bonding glue is that the higher the mixing temperature, the less the bonding glue.

Five factors that affect the composition of the combined rubber seal material

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