Features of U-shaped sealing ring between retaining

by:DSH     2019-06-10

Support ring, retaining ring

What is bead range? What are the categories of gear? What is the role of the ring? Dongsheng seal believes that the retaining ring is the shaft retaining ring Circlipsforshaft used by us, the hole retaining ring Circlipsforholes, and the two common types in the retaining ring. its role can prevent the axial movement of parts.

So what is the U-shaped sealing ring of polyurethane small section belt ring? What is the relationship with the ring? The small section belt ring U-shaped sealing ring is a kind of sealing ring for the U-shaped belt ring with small section, and it is a seal with the ring. The seal has different structure and different features, which is suitable for different applications.

What are the features of PTFE retaining ring? The PTFE retaining ring is used in conjunction with low-pressure sealing rings such as O-rings, star seals and U-rings. However, the typical O-ring in the retaining ring, his role is to use the gap between the metal and the metal moving parts. It can significantly improve and change the sealing pressure bearing capacity and service life of such sealing rings, and has been widely used in hydraulic sealing systems.

Features of PTFE ring:

(1) small friction;

(2) no water absorption;

(3) high working accuracy;

(4) wide use of temperature range;

(5) No hardening and damage;

(6) No aging occurs at 180 ℃;

(7) excellent chemical resistance and can be used in almost all media;

The PTFE retaining ring is a type O retaining ring made of pure PTFE and its composite materials. it is used for dynamic sealing system. it can set a retaining ring on the pressure surface of the Type O sealing ring, and set a retaining ring when the individual pressure is pressed, two retaining rings are set when double-sided pressure is pressed; therefore, the PTFE retaining ring is suitable for hydraulic O-ring sealing, and the working temperature is generally-35 ℃ ~ 200 degrees C.

Features of U-shaped sealing ring between retaining ring and small section belt retaining ring?

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