Features of rotating shaft in mechanical seal ring?

by:DSH     2019-06-10

Mechanical sealing ring is one of the most commonly used sealing rings for rotating mechanical shafts in the sealing industry. such sealing rings have long working life, less leakage and strong adaptability (Working environment and occasions, etc)As well as his high reliability, Dongsheng sealing ring tells you that it is widely used in many industries by such mechanical sealing rings (Hydraulic, construction machinery, etc)It is a kind of mechanical sealing ring indispensable in many industry fields, such as aerospace, petrochemical, nuclear power and so on.

However, the failure of this mechanical sealing ring is one of the main causes of equipment failure.In the failure of various pump mechanical sealing rings, about 60% is a mechanical sealing problem;40%-50% mechanical seal, failure occurred in less than half a year when the pump was working.It can be seen that the mechanical sealing ring belongs to one of the sealing rings of the wearing parts.

Not in design and manufacturing (Production)In the process of mechanical sealing, although what advanced technology is used to improve its reliability, the failure of mechanical sealing rings is still very common, the life of mechanical seals varies greatly according to the different conditions of use. some of them fail in a short time, while others can be used for a long time, however, its service life cannot be accurately known, which means that the sealing ring will be replaced prematurely or later.It is advisable to monitor all the information of the mechanical sealing ring in real time so as to better understand the operation status of the sealing ring.

Features of rotating shaft in mechanical seal ring?

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