Features and disadvantages of fluorine rubber oil seal?

Features and disadvantages of fluorine rubber oil seal?


Features and disadvantages of fluorine rubber oil seal?

Due to the different conditions and requirements of the environment and occasions used, Dongsheng Oil Seal tells you that the rubber oil seal used in the oil seal has different media, this also determines the environment and occasions for the use and application of oil seals developed and produced. in the industry, it is common to develop and produce several rubber oil seals for oil seals, rubber is made of Ding Qing rubber oil seal, acrylic and fluorine rubber oil seal. The oil seal materials that can be selected outside the rubber category include silicone rubber oil seal material, polyurethane, hydrogen Ding Qing rubber material and PTFE rubber oil seal material (Oil Seal lip part)Wait.Let’s mainly look at the performance of the oil seal made of Ding Qing rubber?What environment and occasions are the main applications of such oil seals?(One of the main rubber materials of Oil Seal)


Fluorine rubber (Fluororubber)It refers to a synthetic polymer containing fluorine atoms on the carbon atoms of the main chain or side chain | elastic body.


First, what are the features of the oil seal made of fluorine rubber?


In the rubber sealing material, its heat resistance (Decomposition temperature is greater than 400 degrees Celsius)Oil resistance (All kinds of fuel, hydraulic oil, lubricating oil, synthetic oil)Solvent resistance, climate resistance (Resistant to additional lines, ozone, radiation)The chemical resistance is good. in all high temperature environments or special working fluids that can not be used by clear rubber and polyurethane rubber, fluorine rubber can be used as the material of oil seal, non-spontaneous combustion, non-combustion, self-extinguishing in case of fire, with good physical and mechanical properties, is the comprehensive strength of all synthetic rubber, commonly known as “rubber King” has become one of the indispensable and alternative basic materials in modern industry, especially in high-tech fields.


Two, what are the shortcomings of the oil seal made of fluorine rubber?


Its processing process performance is not easy to master, the price is higher, the gorgeous is 20 times that of sunny rubber, cold resistance, poor water resistance, poor elasticity at normal temperature, on the market, fluorine rubber products with cold resistance and water resistance have been developed, and patience and drug resistance are better than ordinary fluorine rubber FFKM, but the price is 10 times higher than that of fluorine rubber.


Third, the oil seal made of fluorine rubber oil seal is generally used in what industry?


Fluorine rubber is widely used in the fields of national defense, military industry, automobile and aviation, aerospace and petroleum. fluorine rubber oil seals are also used in drilling machinery, oil refining equipment and natural gas sulfur removal devices, it can withstand harsh conditions such as high temperature, high pressure oil and strong corrosion medium at the same time. in the chemical field, the fluorine rubber oil seal is used on pumps, pipe joints, equipment containers, for sealing inorganic acids, and other chemicals;In the military industry, fluorine rubber is mainly used in the fields of aerospace, aviation and launch vehicles, satellites, fighter planes, oil seals of new tanks, oil pipes and electrical line sheaths, it is one of the key oil seal materials that cannot be replaced by China | defense | tip | end | industry.