Encyclopedia of rotating seals? Third

Encyclopedia of rotating seals? Third


Encyclopedia of rotating seals? Third

What is Rotary seal RotaryShaftSeal.–It is also called rotary shaft lip seal rotaryRodLipseal.Commonly known as Oil Seal..The Dongsheng seal tells you that it is a dynamic sealing element installed between the rotating shaft and the stationary parts to seal the lubricating oil leakage and prevent external dust and debris from invading the inside of the equipment.


So, what kind of sealing problems do we encounter in our daily work?


I. Q: What are the features of the rotating seal?


Answer: Features of rotating seal: 1. good dimensional stability;2. high pressure resistance, wear resistance and high temperature resistance;3. tolerate most media and have strong chemical resistance;4. small installation space, simple groove and lubrication cavity;5. all occasions where piston rods or piston seals are required can be provided;6. the friction is small, and it does not crawl at startup. even at low speed, it can ensure constant movement.


Two, Q: What is the principle of rotating seals and what materials are used?


A: The rotating seal is a kind of mechanical seal. There are many combinations of gasket and spiral rotating skeleton. most of the gaskets are synthetic materials.


Third, ask: which seal is used for the gas of the rotating seal?The rotation speed is about 500 rpm, sealing the compressed gas, what type of seal is used for dry grinding?What is the material?


A: rotating mechanical seals (Dry gas seal)What material does the seal use to see what kind of gas the gas is (Air, liquefied gas, ammonia, oxygen.(For reference only)


A: The Spiral groove dry gas seal in the non-contact seal is used. the sealing friction material is made of soft and hard combination. the soft ring is made of flexible graphite and the hard ring is made of hard alloy.


Fourth, Q: What seal is used for high-speed rotating spindle?30 m/s line speed?


A: First | seal the separator!You can also choose the high-speed shaft seal of PTFE.It is recommended that you use the skeleton oil seal because the friction is too large and the wear is particularly fast.


5. Q: What sealing material is the rotating end seal of high-speed mechanical seal?


A: graphite and hard alloy are commonly used.


6. Q: How to install lip seals for high-speed rotating shafts?


Answer: the following matters should be paid attention to during installation:


The seals should be checked before installation to ensure that they are clean and in good condition.


It should be applied to the appropriate cleaning lubricating oil before installation, dust and seal should be applied to the appropriate grease.


During the installation process, the lip mouth on the sealing surface should be smooth and smooth, and the surface should be free of any damage.If the seal ring slides the axis of the spline keyway or hole, it should be installed using a special tool.Special tools should not be used for the production of soft metals such as aluminum, and installation tools with gaps are not allowed.


Sealing installation should pay attention to the lips on the pressure oil side and should be kept at uniform speed and pressure during assembly to prevent the spring.


The verticality should be guaranteed when installing, and the seal is pressed into the hole and the first seven ends of the cavity or is realized on the bottom surface of the cavity hole shoulder.


When the seal is installed in a winter or low temperature environment, the seal ring can be placed in a cleaning solution of the same sealing medium, which is lower than 50 degrees Celsius, and 10-Restore the lip of the elastic seal for 15 minutes.


The rubber oil seal cannot be cleaned using gasoline, diesel oil, kerosene, because the oil resistance coefficient of the rubber additive is different from each other. if there is oil and oil stolen goods, wipe clean with clean cotton.


When installing, it should be gentle. it is not possible to hit with a hammer or flat shovel. when the installation is difficult, special tools can be used to gradually press it into the rubber oil seal lip.


9.Replacing the seal does not use the new seal, sealing the new sealing mouth sealing the lip does not conform to the previous rotation trajectory, and making the new sealing lip sealing liquid closer to one side, you can install the gasket, the implementation method of replacing the bushing and slip ring and the pressure swing force as the Dongsheng seal.