Encyclopedia of rotating seals? One

Encyclopedia of rotating seals? One


Encyclopedia of rotating seals? One

What is Rotary seal RotaryShaftSeal.–It is also called rotary shaft lip seal rotaryRodLipseal.Commonly known as Oil Seal..The Dongsheng seal tells you that it is a dynamic sealing element installed between the rotating shaft and the stationary parts to seal the lubricating oil leakage and prevent external dust and debris from invading the inside of the equipment.


So, what kind of sealing problems do we encounter in our daily work?


I. Q: rotating reciprocating seals require reciprocating movement after rotation. the medium is oil, the pressure is 5MPa, and the shaft diameter is 40. Is it better to use that seal?Is there a reason for the manufacturer to recommend it?


A: Dongsheng seal (DSH)The spring storage seal is more suitable, but it depends on how fast you rotate and reciprocating, as well as temperature, surface treatment of the shaft, as well as the required life, leakage rate and so on.


Two, ask: how to seal the rotating shaft?


A: According to the different sealing materials and sealing degree, there are many sealing methods: ordinary rubber material sealing, root seal, mechanical seal and Maze seal.


Third, Q: Can O-type seals be used for rotary Dynamic seals?(When designing machinery, you need to consider sealing, which is rotary Dynamic Sealing and low speed (The rotation speed of the shaft is about 60 rpm)Low pressure (Can soak in a deep water without water).Question 1: Can I use O-rings (If you can use it, the trench is better on the shaft or better on the hole)Question 2: What is the simple rotary dynamic seal structure?)


A: If you use an O-type seal, you can add a elastic pressure to the seal so that it can keep the contact of the sealing surface, but the effect is not very ideal. it is better to seal it with a skeleton, better mechanical seal.Generally, the rotation should be bearing. the bearing should have a bearing cover pressed tightly, and the seal should be installed on the bearing cover.


Fourth, Q: What seals should be used for high-speed spindle rotation?(High speed up to r/min, where the workplace is dusty and dusty.High temperature resistant seal)


A: It is recommended that the candidate use the rotary shaft lip seal made of fluorine glue (Skeleton oil seal of fluorine rubber material)It can withstand the following working conditions :-20 degrees-240 degrees, excellent chemical resistance, excellent wear resistance.


5. Q: What kind of rotating seal is easy to use?


A: It depends on what equipment you use the rotating seal on?Can you say the working condition?Such as pressure, temperature, medium, etc!


6. Q: Which kind of rotary seal is good?Or what kind of sealing is good?(The rotating device at the bottom of the powder silo, the sealing of the fixed end and the rotating end, the sealing diameter is 1000, and the rubber sealing strip is now used, which often breaks.Small sealing resistance required, durable for more than 2 years.)


A: The one-meter diameter rotary body seal is reliable. the solution is to use a maze oil seal, that is, a non-contact mechanical seal.