Discussion on the structure of various high-pressure

by:DSH     2019-06-24

There are many forms of high-pressure hydraulic seals, and the equipment used in the field also has different requirements. Today, Dongsheng seal Xiaobian and you talk about various seals of hydraulic media at normal temperature, which is easy to discuss, it is divided into three aspects: dynamic seal, static seal and connection seal.

I. talking about static sealing

First of all, the sealing object is mainly a static part (Parts)Like the cylinder and top cover parts in high pressure and pressure vessels, the main oil is as follows.

(1)Packing seal structure: the packing is pressed tightly on the sealing surface to achieve sealing at the connection.Packing seal can make non-metallic material seal can also make metal or alloy seal material.This seal will reduce the surface pressure of the seal under the action of the medium pressure, so it is a non-automatic seal.The expansion coefficient is large and the temperature fluctuation is not acceptable. it is generally applicable to the atmospheric pressure between 2000.

(2)O-ring seal structure: it is a circular gasket placed in a special groove, the end of the connection structure is tightly merged, and the sealing ring in the loading slot is tighter and tighter under the high pressure of the compression medium, form a groove shape seal.

(3)No support seal structure: in the application of high pressure and pressure equipment, the main oil is two forms.One is the self-tightening plug seal, which is constructed at a pressure of more than 500-In the case of 780 atmospheric pressure, it is convenient to apply. choose the self-tightening plug seal to pay attention to the gasket area and stress.The other is the filling sealing structure, where the working pressure is accepted by the entire area of the liner within the pressure range of the punch, passed to the surface area of the indenter connection, therefore, the stress difference on the pressure head is relatively large compared with the self-tightening plug seal.

(4)Cone sleeve seal structure: a structure made after heat treatment of medium carbon steel to achieve initial sealing effect.When the action increases with the pressure also increases in the stress ratio, the seal reached from the distributed sealing surface.

Discussion on the structure of various high-pressure and ultra-high-pressure hydraulic seals (1)

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