[Details]How to select the performance requirements

by:DSH     2019-06-07

No matter what field of environment seals are used, they all need to have certain mechanical properties to ensure the performance and use of sealing materials. So how to choose the performance requirements of mechanical seal materials?Dongsheng seal tells you that the correct rotating seal material should be based on the working environment, working temperature, pressure, movement direction and working medium of the sealing element.

1. the seal has mechanical properties such as tensile strength and elongation;

2. the compression deformation is small and has appropriate elasticity and hardness;

3. high temperature and low temperature, no hardening at high temperature and no low temperature;

4. adapt to the working medium without swelling or hardening;

5. good oxygen resistance and aging resistance and durability;

6. use the non-corrosive metal seal material and wear resistance is good;

7. the processing technology is simple.

I. sealing principle of non-contact rubber mechanical seals for hydraulic pumps?

Non-contact mechanical seal (Non-Contacting Mechanical Seals)The rubber film seal in the sealing principle is 'air sealing' or 'air sealing liquid' and the sealing principle of rubber film sealing is 'liquid sealing liquid' can realize the process medium (Media, working environment)Zero leakage and Zero Escape;Compared with the traditional contact mechanical seal, non-contact mechanical seal has the advantages of low friction power consumption, long service life, high working reliability, simple auxiliary system, no environmental pollution, low operation and maintenance costs, etc.

Two, mechanical seal selection method?

According to the different working conditions and media properties, the mechanical seal has high temperature resistance and low temperature resistance, high pressure resistance and corrosion resistance, mechanical sealing of particle-resistant media and mechanical sealing of light hydrocarbon media suitable for easy evaporation, etc., mechanical sealing of different structural types and materials should be selected according to different uses

[Details]How to select the performance requirements of the mechanical seal material?

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