Custom Piston Rings Manufacturers: 4 Best Piston Rings to Stop leakage

Custom Piston Rings Manufacturers: 4 Best Piston Rings to Stop leakage


Custom Piston Rings Manufacturers
The rings are a sealing element common in hydraulic and pneumatic systems. It comes in systems with axial elements such as cylinders, pistons and shafts in general. The various types of rings can be available at a good Custom Piston Rings Manufacturers company. Ensure that they are easy to apply to different systems.

Choosing the correct type of rings is essential to ensure the life of the machines and ensure smooth operation without pressure loss or leaks. Want to understand more about rings and their applications? Follow with us!

The types of Custom Piston Rings

Rings are usually in the form of a ring that is mounted on the shaft that needs to receive the seal. However, the types of rings differ according to the shape of the profile that forms this ring.

For example, the simplest sealing profile is the O-ring. From the name, you can already imagine that it is a ring whose profile has the shape of the letter O, that is, it is a simple circular profile. Similarly, we have the main types of rings.

The shape of Custom Piston Rings

In addition to the differences in the shape of the profile, there are the Custom Piston Rings Manufacturers rings. It is actually an overlap of several rings, generating a kind of tube. They are common where applying single rings is not sufficient.

The choice of rings shape as well as the material to be common depends largely on the desired application.

Custom Piston Rings Manufacturers Functions and Applications

The choice of rings depends mainly on the temperature and pressure of the system where it will be applied, the type of fluid and pH it will have contact with and whether it will be a dynamic or static application, that is, with or without movement.

The main function of rings is to prevent the leakage of liquids or gases. By sealing the systems, they ensure that oil, grease or gases do not escape, preventing drips and loss of pressure.

Furthermore, in applications where there is axial movement, the rings also serve to reduce friction between the moving parts. Rings apply to machines of all types, such as pumps, mixers and filters.

The materials common in Custom Piston Rings

In addition to choosing the profile and size of the rings to ensure the correct sealing, it is also necessary to choose the right Custom Piston Rings Manufacturers.



The main metals common in the manufacture of rings are steel, copper and nickel, and they are mainly indicated for high temperature and high pressure applications.

In addition to rings types that come entirely of metal, it is common to use metals in rings made of rubber and other materials as well. In this case, metal is common as an internal reinforcement, located in the rings core.

Polyurethane Custom Piston Rings Manufacturers

Polyurethane (PU) is a polymer common in the production of rigid and flexible foams and elastomers. It has a higher hardness than rubbers, but it does not completely lose flexibility. Therefore, PU rings are mainly common in higher load applications.

Polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE)

Polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE), popularly common as Teflon, can also be common in the manufacture of rings. It is mainly common because of its chemical resistance and low coefficient of friction. This type of rings is mainly common in the chemical and petrochemical industries.



When only PTFE rings are not enough, graphite is easy to add to the composition. The purpose of the mixture is to further reduce friction. And, therefore, it is common in applications with higher displacement speed, in order to ensure the longest useful life of the shafts.

You can buy these rings from Custom Piston Rings Manufacturers.

Rubber Custom Piston Rings Manufacturers

Rubber rings are the most common and have varied applications, from low to high pressure and with different types of fluids. Elastomers — the technical name for rubber — also exist in various types and compositions, ensuring flexibility in the application of these rings.

In summary, rings, particularly rubber rings, find applications in many mechanical systems. The choice of type and material depends on the application and the working conditions to which the rings will be submitted. To avoid mistakes, always consult a specialist rubber and rings supplier.

What kind of piston rings you should buy?

Rings are hollow, circular-shaped devices common as a ring. These rings have wide application in the field of seals, mainly

These rings designs come for installation in a groove or gap that holds the ring in place. Once installed in the correct location, the ring is compressed between two parts or pieces and, in turn, creates a strong and resistant seal. Moreover, Custom Piston Rings Manufacturers have customization options too.


Your application

O-rings are basically common to place in a groove and hold the air or fluid in place and then compress it between the two surfaces. When this action is easy to take, the path through which the air or fluid would escape blocks.

The specialty of Custom Piston Rings Manufacturers o-ring is its muscle memory, which means it returns to its original shape. This feature is what helps the O-rings to function with sealing under low or no pressure. When pressure app, the o-ring presses against the groove wall, which forces it to expand in the opposite direction.

This technique helps the seal rings perform their sealing function against the ends of the groove.

How to choose good Custom Piston Rings?

Selecting the correct rings is important to ensure a perfect rings solution. The slightest mistake in choosing rings can cost the company not only a loss of capital, but also a loss of customer confidence. Every little feature of the chronic seal ring completes the final seal results.

Discover our Sealing Ring models

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  • Anti-extrusion ring
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  • scraper ring
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  • Conventional V’ring Ring
  • Elastic ring

Custom Piston Rings Manufacturers industrial seal rings guarantee maximum performance in both hydraulic and pneumatic applications. It is applicable to different systems in a multitude of diameters and material specifications. Moreover, you can consider both dynamic seals with alternating movements and rotary movements.

What is the function of Custom Piston Rings?

The function of the rings is to seal reciprocating movement systems that escape the sealing capacity of the o-rings. It comes with the advantage of presenting excellent performance and minimal wear due to the fact that the pressure on the lips is proportional to the fluid pressure.

What are ringss made of?

Rings are easy to manufacture with different materials, such as Viton, Neoprene, Nitrile, EPDM Butyl or SBR, in addition to material compositions including treated fiber (vegetable fiber), cork and rubber, without asbestos (aramid fiber), graphite, PTFE, between others.

What are chevron types Custom Piston Rings?

There are also the Chevron type ringss, which differ from the common ones due to their “V” shape, being totally superimposed on several specific rings. This model is more common in applications where simple rings are not enough to make up the application space.

How often should rings be changed?

According to Custom Piston Rings Manufacturers, every time any equipment reassemble, new rings must be good to place.