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Causes and details of damage to piston sealing ring

Causes and details of damage to piston sealing ring
by:DSH     2019-06-08

Mechanical seal, the size of the sealing elements used is different, and the reason for the damage and leakage of the piston sealing ring caused by the rotation process is mostly due to improper installation and sealing or excessive running speed, resulting in excessive wear and tear of the seals.

Dongsheng combined with experience summary, due to the three reasons of excessive fluid leakage, large friction between piston sealing rings and mechanical components, damage or wear of seals, and damage reasons are also affected by many details, as follows:

1. improper installation of sealing rings

: Install the sealing ring and auxiliary sealing tool correctly, remember not to pack or misplace it;

2. insufficient pressure on the lip of the sealing ring: whether the corresponding sealing size is correct or not, whether the spring works normally;

3. the shaft is too rough: reduce the roughness of the shaft, chamfer problems, etc., and use softer sealing materials;

4. sealing lip cracking: there may be rough surface of the shaft, which may affect the speed of the rotating seal and the temperature is too high;

5. seal damage: More sealing rings or seals improve wear resistance;

6. lubrication, excessive pressure and excessive pre-loading: it can be changed to PTFE and change the seal type;

7. the sealing ring has abrasive particles: friction is damaged, and dust-proof seals can be used in dusty environments;

8. Seal specifications and models are not suitable: more suitable seal models and materials are used according to working conditions;

9. too high working pressure or too high ambient temperature: High pressure resistant material seal or high pressure resistant material seal are optional.

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Causes and details of damage to piston sealing ring

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