Cause and elimination method of pneumatic valve

by:DSH     2019-06-08

The main failure of pneumatic valves is action and leakage, mainly due to factors such as condensed water, dust, rust, lubrication and unqualified seal products in compressed air.How to eliminate the failure phenomenon in pneumatic valve seals?Dongsheng seal tells you to list various exclusions for different fault reasons as follows.

First, what are the reasons why the valve seal cannot be reversed?

1. lubrication, large sliding resistance and initial friction force;

2. the movement compression of the seal is large, or the expansion deformation;

3. dust or oil stains are stuck on the seat;

4. the spring seal is damaged or stuck;

5. the control piston area is small and the operating force is low;

銆怑xclusion method]

1.Degree of lubrication;

2.Reduce the compression of seals appropriately;

3.Clean dust and oil;

4.Reassemble or replace the spring;

5.Increase the piston area or operating force.

Two, the reason for the leakage of the valve seal position?

1. the compression volume of the seal is too small or damaged;

2. damaged stem or seat;

3. there are shrinkage holes in castings;

4. damage to buffer seals

銆怑xclusion method]

1.Appropriately increase the amount of compression and replace the seal products;

2.Replace the stem and seat;

3.Replacement of castings;

4.Replacement of seals;

Third, the reason for vibration inside the valve seal?

1. low pressure;

2. low voltage;

銆怑xclusion method]

1.Increase the pressure of pilot operation;

2.Increase the supply voltage or change the Coil parameters.

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Cause and elimination method of pneumatic valve seal equipment failure

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