Beam heat treatment method and application features

by:DSH     2019-06-08

What is the 'roller' seal?The roller seal is an accessory product in the roller accessories, and it is also a sealing element to prevent leakage and dust prevention and external intrusion. it is used reasonably according to the user's needs and features.

First, what are the beam heat treatment methods in the use of roller seals?

1.1 refined and ultra-refined tissue can be obtained due to the fast heating speed;

1.2 high power density and short working time

1.3 The beam spots of high energy beams are small, which are non-contact heating and have small heat affected areas;

1.4 The heating of the high energy beam and the speed of the roller are very fast, the thermal stress is very small, so the deformation of the workpiece is small;

1.5 high energy beam heat treatment depends on the quenching of the workpiece itself, and the quenching can inhibit the precipitation of carbide, thus reducing the influence of brittle phase;

1.6 high energy beam heat treatment has residual pressure stress in the metal profile, so the heating speed is fast and the speed is fast.

Two, the seal form of the 'roller' seal is non-contact, so the rotation resistance is good. Dongsheng seal tells you that its application is characterized by using the method of changing the direction of the flow (movement) of the object, forming a waterproof cavity and an eccentric spherical cyclone cavity in the middle seal and end seal, so as to achieve the bearing waterproof, dust-proof function.

And prevent the water, dust, coal slurry and other external effects, resulting in axial flow and into the trend of the seal structure of the roller, its structure is simple.Guarantee and extend the normal service life of the bearing in the roller.

Beam heat treatment method and application features of roller seals?

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