Application of V Seal

Application of V Seal


Application of V Seal

DSH-Application of V Seal

The V seal is a simple, universal, elastic surface type seal, made of Ding nitrile, which can be the main sealing element, pollutant remover or spare seal in the application.

These seals are mounted on the shaft, and their thin cone-shaped lip seals are at right angles to the shaft, opposite the surface or the bump surface.There are no special requirements for the surface finish of the shaft seat, and these seals act as flingers because they have an interference fit on the shaft and rotate with the shaft.Incorrect alignment of the shaft with respect to the secondary surface is tolerable, and if the shaft is not circular or eccentric, the V Seal also provides a reliable seal.

When using these seals, it should be remembered that the amount of axial displacement that the shaft can shift depends on the allowable displacement of the V seal relative to its reverse surface.These seals are made entirely of elastic materials without fabric or sheet metal reinforcement.They are therefore particularly easy to install.Depending on the size, they can be stretched and can be pushed to other parts of the arrangement, such as flanges, pulleys and even shells.This is a very valuable feature of these seals, especially in the case of repair.

The V seal is an ideal seal to prevent contamination of dirt, water or oil splash, and is also an excellent grease holder.Easy to install by hand and kept in place by their own tension, they can be used as main or sub-seals for oil seals, mechanical seals or mazes.Due to its unique features, V-shaped seals are widely used in machine tools, ships, automobiles, metallurgical machinery, chemical machinery, construction machinery, construction machinery, plastics, agriculture and different instruments.

There is no industrial area where V seals are not used.From individual seals for repair or maintenance to quality assurance applications in aerospace, automotive or general engineering.These seals are widely used in many industrial and commercial fields.Darcoid Nor Cal Seal offers high cost-effective adhesives and seals with high productivity for Parofluor, Parofluor ULTRA, Kalrez, Chemraz,A single v-shaped seal can play an important role in sealing in two directions and is suitable for different sealing media such as oil, water, gas, chemical media and other mixed media.Darcoid maintains innovative, high-quality accessories for your industry leadersend machinery.

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