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national seals online catalog Stanford grads' ModeWalk - online cache of couture

national seals online catalog Stanford grads' ModeWalk - online cache of couture
by:DSH     2019-06-07
national seals online catalog Stanford grads\' ModeWalk - online cache of couture
This orange coat with an asymmetrical collar is hand-made in the Martin Grant studio in Paris.This orange coat with an asymmetrical collar is hand-made in the Martin Grant studio in Paris.Putting "Stanford University" along with "advanced fashion" is a less computational equation.Campus residents make breakthroughs in technologyNot a headline about hemlines, innovative dyeing techniques, or color trends.But now, three students at Stanford University's business school are preparing to bring Paris fashion to the public with Modewalk.com, a just-Launched by little-a website selling luxury goodsWell-known designers and some intimate relationships with productsLush photos and stories about artisans and women at work.Beatrice Pang, a native of Shanghai, has been engaged in mergers and acquisitions at Microsoft. Henri Deshays is an investment from France.C.It is the company's behind-the-scenes trio, hatched in Palo Alto and is based in berlingame.As any fashionista knows, advanced customization is a desire, but the founder of fashion also knowsWhen Terminal shoppers feel connected to designers, they are more likely to open their wallets.Fashion and ready-to-wearto-The clothing displayed on the website ranges from $195 for accessories to $25,000 for clothing."We are going beyond luxury shopping today, which is basically an online catalog," Deshays said ."."The online catalogue is dry."It's just a generic product that doesn't have an emotional or creative story behind it and doesn't resonate with me," Pang said ."."Part of buying luxury is the experience, and when you understand the designer and the work behind it, you're connected to someone."Pang, co-She received her MBA in 2010.She began to think about merging e-commerce.During a study trip to Paris, she met luxury and fashion designers.She said her love of fashion was inspired by her grandparents, who run a custom fur house in Shanghai in their 1930 s.Deshays, co-Founder and chief operating officer received an MBA in 2011.He has long admired the skills behind crafting and created two luxury brands in Paris, but found it difficult to convey the stories behind each brand to consumers.Thanks to an ad on Craigslist, the two ended up sharing a house off-campus --Pang and her boyfriend, as well as Desai and his wife, a robot engineer, are all under one roof.One night in September 2010, when the two were drinking a bottle of wine with Pang, they walked around brainstorm."I woke up the next morning and found five."The emails from Beatrice about how we can move this forward," Beatrice hays said with a smile ."."We have never looked back since then.Later, they met Rockefeller at the MBA program, at a dinner party, even before they learned that she was an assistant to Anna Wintour at Vogue, she is very interested in her personal style.Rockefeller married venture capitalist Justin Rockefeller, the youngest son in the United States.S.Sen.D-Jay RockefellerW.Va.Specialized in dance in the Finnish National Ballet and other troupes and received a degree in Princeton's art history.She has been interested in fashion since she started dancing at the age of 5."I grew up in beautiful handmade clothes --When you want to be a ballerina, this is part of the initial appeal, and this ability can change and embody your character through beautiful costumes, "she said.She started her internship at the startup and is now the fashion director of the company.She attends the Paris couture fashion show twice a year in search of designers invited to join the site.Other members of the team include Peruvian native Ragi BurhumFounder and CTO, as well as founder and chief creative officer Mara belens, his past work experience includes working as artistic director of Harper's Latin American fair.ModeWalk raised $1.8 million of the money, led by Merus Capital, other investments such as Silicon Valley angel investor John Green and former Louis Vuitton chief executive Vincent Bastian.Many of the lines ModeWalk carries may not be familiar with ordinary online shoppers --The aura of praise seems to have known each other. If sous, Maxim Simoens, give a few examples --But it may not last too long with the spread of words.On Wednesday, the hippest woman in San Francisco will give a personal introduction to the founder at the reception of the Washington m and Isha Abdullah's Washington Street penthouse, Isha uel Ungaro, the French fashion company Iman NeauOther co-The hosts include Alison Hassan, Alison Pincus of OneKingsLane.The wife of a former Stanford University teacher and founder of fashion brand Christine supez.Com, which covers advanced customization and ready-to-wear in Paris-to-Wearing scenes from 1999 to 2007.Support is pleased to give approval, ModeWalk."When Henry told me that they were talking to Maurizio Galante, I said that I knew him and he was shocked.No one knows about Maurizio Galante in California, he said, "supports said."It's exciting to see the clothes I brought to the Internet 12 years ago --When the Internet is considered uncertain by the French FederationIt is now sold on the Internet.No one was talking about fashion online.Nobody.It was a no-no."In the context of a recession and a constant recessionIn the growing luxury market, Pang imagined that the customer of modwalk was a woman looking for something unique, and her heart was attracted.At present, Paris fashion is a special feature here, but in the future, works from designers from other cities around the world will be displayed here."The idea is to make your wardrobes into a series because they are made of very high quality materials and are timeless," Pang said ."."This does not include the typical uniform placed on the palm of the hand --A pair of casual jeans on campusand-Hoodie hays met a Hoodie shortly after moving to Stanford."I know there's a lot of color on the flip --"I have two wardrobes now," he said with a smile ."."One in Palo Alto, one in Paris."Carolyne Zinko is a special contributor to the San Francisco Chronicle.Czinko @ sfchronicle.
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