A rubber sealing ring material suitable for petroleum

by:DSH     2019-06-06

rubber sealing ring material suitable for petroleum series?NBR nitrile rubber sealing ring material Seal material for use with glycol department of hydraulic oil, oil hydraulic oil, two ester department of lubricating oil, gasoline, water, Guangxi grease, silicone oil and other media in widely '.It is also a rubber sealing ring product with a wide range and low cost.

How to buy Hydraulic cylinder sealing ring Hydraulic cylinder seal?In fact, it is not difficult, it is difficult to buy there is no standard.The Dongsheng seal tells you the standard of a suitable sealing ring for hydraulic cylinders.

1. The pressure is too high and the hardness of the seal is too small.

2. the sealing material and medium are dissolved, and the seal is softened or dissolved.

3. the sealing ring is used under high temperature conditions, and the sealing material is carbonized.

4. leakage caused by hardening and shrinkage of sealing materials at low temperature.

5. the speed of the line used is too high, resulting in heat, dry grinding and carbon leakage of the seal.

6. poor lubrication under working conditions leads to leakage of sealing ring wear.

7. the cavity used is leaked by vibration.

8. leakage caused by seal wear caused by dust.

9. the hardness of the sealing ring is too high, and the metal groove cannot be completely filled to cause leakage.

10. the sealing ring size does not match the metal trench to cause leakage.

11. seal with too long storage time and aging will cause leakage.

 rubber sealing ring material suitable for petroleum series?

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