A rubber seal with strong toughness and good self-healing

by:DSH     2019-06-06

Hydraulic seal (Hydraulicseal) is a kind of lip-type sealing ring, which requires a very small leakage of hydraulic seal and has a good sealing effect. Hydraulic rubber seal is a kind of seal that forms a lip pressure seal by pressing the lip by external force, blocking the leakage channel, and is also a dust protection ring. There are many structural forms of lip seals. according to the sealing section, except for the standard Y-type sealing ring, V-type sealing ring, U-type sealing ring, L-type sealing ring and J-type sealing ring, there are also various special-shaped sealing rings such as DSH skeleton oil seals, which are also lip-shaped rubber seals, which are generally used in hydraulic reciprocating systems.

How to extend the service life of rubber seals? First of all, the service life of the hydraulic seal can be extended from the material selection. the hydraulic seal developed by Dongsheng is made of high-hardness rubber or Polyamino acid vinegar with glass fiber, polytraffic Amine, PTFE and other materials, small friction loss also has a high degree of sealing when the oil pressure rises, and the service life is long.

The sealing working principle of the lip-type seal relies on the pre-tightening force of the pressure position and the impact pressure of the fluid. when the pressure of the medium is greater, the lip opening can make the sealing ring more closely combined with the sealing surface, improve the sealing performance, in addition, the edge of the lip mouth will also play the role of scraping oil, no accident this is also an advantage to enhance the sealing effect of the sealing ring.

The skeleton type lip seal (oil seal) can maintain working conditions in hydraulic cylinders and high temperature and high pressure conditions in construction machinery, and can also be used in machine tools and automobiles. Hydraulic equipment and other rotary sealing equipment, the selection of sealing materials is generally made of polyurethane, PTFE or rubber, which plays a good sealing role in the sealing of hydraulic cylinder piston in reciprocating motion. The 'lip type' oil seal has a high sealing efficiency at high or low pressure, and has a certain compensation for wear and tear, and will not cause rapid leakage.

 rubber seal with strong toughness and good self-healing performance?

The use and installation of rubber seal is compared with most other systems for managing the custom rubber seals effectively and no doubt rubber seal have won the race so many times.
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