A fluorine rubber sealing ring in a static low

by:DSH     2019-06-06

Common fluorine-containing polymer sealing materials can be used at high temperatures of more than 200 degrees Celsius. why? Dongsheng seal tells you that this is a very tight polymer fluorine molecule in the introduction of fluorine rubber FKM materials, forming a strong protective layer, so that the fluorine rubber sealing ring is not destroyed and eroded by high temperature, oil and chemical agents and oxidation. It can be seen that the fluorine rubber has a very stable performance.

In practical application, the fluorine rubber sealing ring material is about-20 degrees Celsius, which is easy to lose the elasticity of the rubber, and also becomes hard and brittle when the temperature drops in the dynamic environment. How can we understand this point? As an atomic component in a compound is replaced by a fluorine atom, the molecule causes corresponding changes. compared with the original material, it is stiff, and its low temperature resistance is also reduced accordingly.

For example, the brittle temperature of fluorine rubber under certain conditions, the damage caused by the impact of low temperature, try different rubber materials or different formulas to develop the advantages and disadvantages of low temperature performance. Dongsheng seal tells you that the brittle temperature of the fluorine rubber sealing ring material under different thickness is different. Therefore, the same formula of fluorine rubber FKM, the thinner the sample, the higher the resistance to low temperature performance, especially the rubber control sealing element on the automation equipment device, it can be used at-50 ℃. At the same time can the fluorine rubber sealing ring material complex wire.

All in all, due to the molecular structure of the fluorine rubber sealing ring, its low temperature performance is not very good. in the low temperature dynamic seal, it should be used at the temperature with high elasticity as far as possible; in the static seal, only a reasonable sealing ring structure design can be adopted without impact, and the FKM of fluorine rubber can solve the sealing of-273 degrees Celsius. Therefore, the correct use of fluorine rubber products can play a greater role in the sealing environment.

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 fluorine rubber sealing ring in a static low temperature resistant environment?

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